Apple to Manufacture iPhones in Bangalore from April, Expect Cheaper iPhones

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Apple to Manufacture iPhones in Bangalore from April, Expect Cheaper iPhones

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Apple inc. will start manufacturing iPhones in Bangalore (Bengaluru) starting April of 2017 to expedite their promise of Make in India and to ensure their ability to open self owned and maintained stores in India. Apple earlier had planned to open their own flagship stores in several cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, but due to the government compliance of requiring manufacturing in India, the process was delayed. Tim Cook’s recent visit to India was a positive sign on the efforts of the Cupertino based tech giant, to fully initiate and integrate it’s services in the Indian market.

The manufacture of iPhones will considerably bring down costs of duties and taxes and will allow Apple to sell at competitive prices and at par with US price which is usually Rs. 10,000-15,000 cheaper. Apple will also bring their full suite of in store experiences, like training and Genius bars, to improve service and warranty standards in India, which have usually had mixed reviews.

Apple is selling large volumes of phones in India, and iPhone sales hit 2.5 million from Oct 2015-September 2016 raking in 9,997 Crore in revenue for the tech company here in India.


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  • Harsh Vinayak

    Tum monkey ho sale || bina dekhe mat bolo ||tumse koi pucha nhi sasta hoga ki mehanga

  • Goverdhan Patel

    No thnx. We wish to keep our lungs healthy. So thnx cancer.

  • Avinash Parmar

    Vaibhav Patil good news for you U0001f602

  • Areeb Ali

    Usail Malik get one in mayU0001f61d

  • Arup Kumar Nag

    Cheap ?? Just stop kidding…. Sensible guys don’t buy iPhone.

  • Snehal Lunia

    Apple n cheap…that doesn’t sounds right

  • Ridoy Hussain

    Not GANA happened U0001f61f

  • Mubeen Zahoor

    Amlish Ghaffar hahahahaha

  • Wayne Fernandes

    “dats” “coz” “they r” why do people type like that.

  • Sid Gorule

    Keyur Tandel thats wht u need…

  • Glenn Jacob Jackson

    Don’t expect cheap price

  • Aditya Behere

    I am curious. Have you seen the documentary called before the flood directed by Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Pranil Joshi

    Absolutely, India has nothing to lose, everything to gain. Apple may also boost their market share. Win-win…

  • Aditya Behere

    I am absolutely impressed by what local sourcing has done and how it can impact and benefit the country

  • Pranil Joshi

    Jatin, Aditya, Advait

  • Souvik Das

    IPHONE 7 is 60,000

  • Nauman Ahmed

    Iphone ka ab pakka behra garak ho ga

  • Nikhil Patil

    SHAME ON INDIA and that MONKEY PM of the country MODI

  • Jatin Makhija

    Finally i can afford an iphone nowU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602ShivaShivam Kalia

  • Avadhutha Harsh

    Akshit correction ek 9 hata de
    Still people will be like U0001f631U0001f631

  • Asif Jalaludeen

    35000/- now become only 34999/- ..

  • Akshit Jain phones price will drop by 999/- U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Avadhutha Harsh

    Kiran Akshit Meeran

  • Ahmed Zia Rasool

    Tawaan hi tawaan
    ………. U0001f636U0001f644U0001f644U0001f644U0001f644U0001f644U0001f644U0001f644U0001f644U0001f60fU0001f60fU0001f60fU0001f60fU0001f917U0001f917U0001f917U0001f917

  • Ahmed Zia Rasool

    Samsung still number in the ranking of 2016…..
    Samsung s7 edge rate drops only 12000..
    And iphone 7 which comes early months ago drops rates 15000 to 25000…..
    Iphone ne tum logon ko apan waash me karliya ha……U0001f61aU0001f61aU0001f61aU0001f61aU0001f61aU0001f61a

  • Jenil Soni

    Though they are manufactured in China,the import taxes in India makes their products expensive. I think manufacturing in India will help.??

  • Gavin D’souza

    What do you think about it? Atandra

  • Pratik Desai

    Ab pacchtave kya hoy, jab chidiya chug gai khet!

  • Eby Prasad

    5 rupee discount :3

  • Ahsan Wali

    Ek samsung note blast kafi nahi ta jo yey blast bi hogaya

  • Ahsan Wali

    iPhone ke dushman jitni chahey fake news upload karo Facebook per like iphone si hii hoga dude,,,,

  • Ahmed Zia Rasool

    Wait till bangalore made it…it came with bomb which will place in iphone jack

  • Atiq Khan

    Banglore ma pakistan ma nahe
    Jesa be ho blast nahe ho ga hahahaU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Saurav Pradhan

    prices will be same for 2-3 yrs,after that things will change not so suddenly

  • Girish Nitin Panchal

    China cheap labor is history now ..

  • Ahmed Zia Rasool

    Lag gaye iphone ki waat….
    Abi ioh
    Iphone ka nishan par tika laga ga…hahahahha.
    Ahsan Wali Atiq Khan

  • Arka Biswas

    you wish, they have to pay huge taxes for manufacturing abroad ! most of the iphones are manufactured in china , they are not cheap in china .lol

  • Manish Kushwaha

    They will start assembling from April and manufacturing will start in the begging of December.

  • Soham Rikame

    will be still overpriced than USU0001f612U0001f612

  • Ganesh Karekad

    But why would they manufacture in India if it’ll end up being more expensive? :/

  • Mithun Viswambharan

    It’s not gonna be cheap…. Dats for sure…. Coz though the present ones are manufactured in China (cheapest labour and manufacturing cost) still they don’t sell it cheap…..And so being manufactured in India with all new rules and taxes,VAT, this cess and DAT cess and cuts and gods knows what all charges etc etc….I believe they r gonna be more expensive….Rather cheap.

  • Abhimanyu Gulati

    Sachit Malik good news bro