Apple iPhone To Be Manufactured in India As Apple Plans Manufacturing Unit

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Apple iPhone To Be Manufactured in India As Apple Plans Manufacturing Unit

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Apple is all set to meet the Indian Government to discuss the possibility of setting up a manufacturing unit in the country. A team of senior Apple Inc. executives are scheduled to arrive next week, to present to the company’s case for seeking tax benefits and other exemptions.

The tech giant is said to be seeking a host of incentives and concessions from the Indian Government on the ground that it makes state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology products for which local sourcing is not possible.

Concessions include a 15-year holiday on customs duty, relaxed labelling norms and duty-free imports on spare parts and used captial goods. Officials from departments of commerce, industrial policy and promotion (DIPP), revenue, environment and forest, electronics and information technology (DeITY) will take part in the deliberations.

This comes ahead of Apple’s plans to set up a unit in Bengaluru to assemble their products. Reports suggest that Apple does not want to source products locally and has sought duty to be reduced on components for the iPhone.

At present, as many as 42 companies make mobile phones in India, including Chinese firm Huawei and Xiaomi. However, no firm has approached the government for any additional incentives. Apple sells its products through Apple-owned retail stores in countries like China, Germany, the US, among others. Currently, it has no wholly-owned store in India and sells its products through distributors.The finance ministry in May last year had rejected relaxing 30% domestic sourcing norms as sought by the company as a pre-condition of bringing in FDI to set up single-brand retail stores in the country. While the Government has not issued an official statement, sources say that they are open to discussing Apple’s wish-list. But, it may be difficult for the government to make exemptions for one company.


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Ishita Thakur
  • prasung10

    Isko koi bakri diwao yar, despo lagta hai

  • prasung10

    Thank god someone put some brain on apple xD they were in most disadvantage in the rise of chinese companies without a single manufacturing unit !

  • Shreyas Ka

    Hmm may be…

  • Arko Sen

    But trump says it’ll be manufactured in US as per CNET’s editorial column.

  • Shashi Baral Hari Prasad Baral

    Good job saheb

  • Prakrit Sethi

    Puch kyu raha hai ?U0001f602
    Khareedne tune tab bhi nahi hai U0001f602

  • Prakrit Sethi

    No it’s just you

  • Parth V

    It definitely would as there will be no duty charges also there will be parts maybe made from India as well so quality may be an issue but the rices will decrease as hell.thats for sure

  • Ishant Singh

    By this step is there any change in price of their products?

  • Mainak Crixallis

    please .. Intel .. nvidia .. everything in india .. :3

  • Vishnu Mohan

    Pakistani chutiya spotted

  • Khan Baba Khan

    Please Toilet Frist

  • Jignesh Kharwa

    including R&D; & marketing still its overpriced…good products only need marketing in initial years or couple of months….its been 10 years iphone came into picture

  • Rockfort Ravi

    U can’t eat iPhone

  • ???? ??????

    Who will bear it’s marketing and R&D; cost? You?

  • Harsh Sanghavi

    No it won’t Sagar Rupani they manufacture in China. IPhones are more expensive in China then here also

  • Hien Vo

    Just low cost labor assembly

  • Ishant Thakur Arya

    Yaehh thts realy fantastic

  • Shreyas Ka

    Hmm, is it just me or ? I remember apple saying that iphones will never be manufactured in india in some conference..

  • Sudhir Vaishnav

    You guys never think about the R&D; investment……
    they invest huge mobey on R&D; so that cost become high….

  • Jignesh Kharwa

    yes some people buy it & most people dont

  • Aryan Bhan

    Some people want an iPhone which should be budget-oriented.+he is right…..manufacturing cost is 20k and they are selling phones at 70k…..its like fooling people. We can get the same quality of android in 50k(Samsung and sony)

  • Aryan Bhan

    Most people don’t but it

  • Dhruv Sinha

    That’s called business and people buy it. So…

  • Chaitanya Kulkarni

    Apple, the richest electronics company in the world is asking for 20 years custom holiday. #MakeInIndia but follow all our rules.

  • Adil Husain

    Nah it wont ….

  • Jignesh Kharwa

    Manufacturing cost 20k & selling price 70k great

  • Fazil Muhammed

    I hope that makes the prices go down

  • Arslan Ansari

    Mindßlowing :-) (y)