iPhone 8 Leak Shows that the Smaller iPhone will have a Bigger Screen and No Home Button

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iPhone 8 Leak Shows that the Smaller iPhone will have a Bigger Screen and No Home Button

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New leaked design renders from KGI securities show that the iPhone 8/ iPhone X, which will possibly be the next iPhone from Apple, and also the 10th anniversary iPhone from the company, will have a larger screen in the same form factor.

The iPhone 7 has a 4.7 inch display with an IPS LCD panel along with the home button below the display. The iPhone 8 however will feature a 5.15 inch OLED panel according to the information in the image and will hide the home button behind a bar of fiction keys, much like the touch bar on the latest MacBook.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that the real size of the display will be around 5.8 inches however the display area will be only 5.15 inches while retaining the iPhone 7 form factor. The next iPhone much like previous leaks suggest will hide the home button and fingerprint scanner in all entirety being the OLED panel allowing for a larger appearing display.

The reports also mention Apple may also completely do away with touch ID for an alternative form of verification like facial or iris recognition, which was seen on the Galaxy Note 7 ( oh, the Galaxy Note 7, how you are missed !) . It seems unlikely that apple will kill possibly the most used thing on iPhones, i.e the touch ID.

However, this will not be the only iPhone launched in 2017, but, one of the 3 phones that launch this year. The other two will be identical in design and screen dimensions like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, possibly with improved specifications.


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    iPhone 10 plan.
    Apple: Here is your iPhone 10.
    User: where..?
    Apple: Here it is. We made it so thin and we removed all the physical hardware from it so it would be easy for user to carry. So you are not able to see.
    User: U0001f627

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    Where is earpiece?

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    Hey you all guys first you see the phone afterwards comments ik

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