Nokia Re-Launches The Nokia 3310

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Nokia Re-Launches The Nokia 3310


HMD Global

Model / Variant

Nokia 3310

Launch Date

26th Feb 2017


49 euros
US $ 52
Rs. 3500


115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm


Polycarbonate Candy bar


Warm Red (Glossy)
Dark Blue (Matte)
Yellow (Glossy)
Grey (Matte)

Display Size and Type

2.4 Inch

Display Resolution


Memory Storage

16 MB

Memory Expandability

32 Gb via Micro SD

Primary Camera

2 MP

Camera Features

LED Flash


1200 mAh Replaceable
22 Hours Talk Time

2G Network

GSM 900/1800 MHz


micro USB
Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM

SIM Type

Micro SIMq

Other Features

Snake Game

This ends the Rumors , the Nokia 3310 is finally back and with all glory in a brand new avatar. The new colorful 3310 keeps the iconic design hues of the popular Nokia 3310 that sold 126 Million units back when it was launched. The 2017 Nokia 3310 works on the Nokia’s Series 30+ , with a 2.4-inch QVGA display, supports expanded memory via a microSD slot.

The new Nokia 3310 is not a weighted power tool, like the earlier edition. The re-design is a lighter, smaller and thinner unit which looks more refined yet keeps the rugged polycarbonate exterior.

The phone is missing the original Snake game, but is replaced by a modern Snake game. What are the features you ask? the Nokia 3310 has a standby time of 31 days, and a talk time of 22 hours. The Nokia 3310 will now have a 2 MP camera with LED flash along with an FM radio and a Micro USB Charger, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The phone is expected to go on Sale in Q2 2017 for a price of 49 euros ($52/ Rs. 3500).


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  • Alfred Agbas

    Is it Dual sim?

  • Yuna Heart

    Actully l love nokia’s phone

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    Shubham Raheja not exactly what I thought

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    yeees plssssss!!! U0001f60d

  • Leigh Alabado

    Jonavi Malassab, tag-isa tayo…hehehe

  • Ruel Allarce Sumicad

    Good for me

  • Frank Jacobson

    Jan, loved her 3310 for many years because she was so familiar with its form and function that her somewhat limited eyesight was no problem. Now, we’ve had to replace the phone because AT&T; has discontinued 2G service in our area. IMHO it’s kind of silly to bring a 2G phone back on the market.

  • Jyotiprakash Rout

    Did i personally say you not to buy something??

  • Anuroop Showri

    Shashanka KS buy this bro

  • Tejas Kambale

    baap is back bhai

  • Robert Nant

    MaximBady Please do a video on this!U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • VenuGopalNamala

    wtsapp available?

  • Krishan Dhar

    How much in Indian rupiees??

  • Qazi Faisal

    This a dumb phone pure stupidity

  • Jyotiprakash Rout

    I’m not a samsung fan boy tbh

  • Sher Ali

    Nokia is nokia… samsang is donkey

  • Anurag Prasad

    Wait a few months .. you will get this free with iphone 8 U0001f60dU0001f601U0001f44d

  • Anurag Prasad

    Trade ur iphone 7 for this U0001f920U0001f601U0001f608

  • Marwin Yulo Gerez

    How much? Here in the Philippines?

  • Arushi Aisha

    Anurag Prasad buy me this U0001f618U0001f648

  • Mohammed Fawaz

    Father of mobile is back

  • Marielle Zandueta

    Wait natin ilabas ang Nokia

  • Prema Rengarajan

    I wanted to have one for my visually impaired father who
    uses this phone as the key pad is protruding, we have the old model, but charger is not working.

  • Sinbad Manlalakbay

    Marielle mahal oh ang ganda

  • Shubham Singh

    What’s the price of this phone in India

  • CiaraMei Dela Vega Ramos

    Ikaw yun nagssweldo jan eh U0001f602

  • Muhammed Saim

    Han wo to h U0001f602

  • Harshit Dubey

    Boss is back again…..#Nokia 3310

  • Nigel Christopher De Conceicao

    The nokia 3310 will bring down iphone so badly.

  • Harshit Jain

    Pkka Bhai pkka U0001f60d

  • Harshit Jain

    Pkka Bhai pkka U0001f60d

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    Bilhan moko U0001f60d

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    Tea baap hoga better

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    Haha ako dn te gusto ko yan bili kita bili mo dn ako.haha

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    front camera bhi de dete bhai U0001f602U0001f605

  • Muhammed Saim

    Still better then Lumia Phone U0001f602U0001f602 AlAlev Husayn Ansari

  • Jyotiprakash Rout

    Bhai me Nokia ka hater Nahi hu…mere paas Abhi vi 1100 aur c1-01 hai…me toh bas bol Raha hu ki wo market ko samajh Nahi paarahe hai…other than that it’s your choice after all

  • Satish Justin

    Nimish Sharma macha – 1 month battery

  • Rohan Pratap

    Jyotiprakash bhai tu nokia ka hater lag raha h U0001f602U0001f602 bhai mera pehla phone aaj se nearly 10-11 saal pehle ye tha.. now it’s coming back….thats Why we are getting excited for this

  • Asia Jayena Dela Fuente

    Plarish Engrano Dela Fuente gusto ko to bili mu q.U0001f618

  • Jyotiprakash Rout

    Samsung ka Rs1700 Wala phone Kyu na lu bhai

  • Anthony Alejandro

    Im waiting for this one. Text and call sulit na talaga ko dito..

  • Kuldeep Lather

    Lol jyoti chill dude these phones will be out of stock on day 1 thanks do not buying someone else will have chance. And I will buy for 22 hour Talktime

  • Hassan Akhtar Shinwari

    Ahtesham Akhtar Shinwari plz check that

  • Sweet Ortiz Malazarte

    Baka 3500-4k yan.

  • Sweet Ortiz Malazarte

    Tingin ko mahal yan U0001f602 yung sa nanay ko ngang nokia 2k+ yan pa kaya.. tas ganyan lng. U0001f625

  • Sweet Ortiz Malazarte

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  • Embher Malazarte

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  • Md Rubel Hasan

    I wait for you nokia

  • Supriyo Ghosh

    Ekdom cholbena, market e 3500 taka diye kno ei pH. Kinte jabe loke?

  • CiaraMei Dela Vega Ramos

    John Lloyd Layug battery prob? Pang text? U0001f602U0001f602 yan nalang haha

  • Karen Lynn Jones

    how much to buy this phone in Canada and where can I buy it ???

  • Iylia Yazmin

    Camy-Qazim Andeka, i think this is the phone for Tok!!!!!

  • Prudhvi Raj

    Sr. Like chiranjeevi, yuvi made a comeback now its NOKIA time “BOSS IS BACK”

  • Grant C. Matabaran

    can it access internet?

  • James Adelan Cowie

    Lol they really went all out on that camera..

  • Yat Pa Doods

    1 month battery??

  • Jhay-ar Dela Fuente

    Where is the space impact

  • Bob Lions

    But it won’t work in Australia!

  • Mawadah Mardini

    1 2 3 , 1 2 , 3 3 , 1 2 U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Usama Khan Yousafzai

    Yaar kasam se me bhi isi ke baare me batana wala tha tumhe

  • Coline Bussy

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    Ahah il existe aussi le téléphone BIC dans le même genre ! Tu vas avoir l’embarras du choix dis donc ! ??

  • Lucile Thievenaz

    Mawadah Mardini Coline Bussy Clara Theulin Marc Cécile Truchot laissez tomber mon retour aux sources il va commencer comme ça ! Au moins j’aurais une excuse pour mettre du temps à répondre ???

  • Kamran Aslam

    Nouman Nazeer tery fav barnd is back .. muje aik gift kar die U0001f602

  • Sridhar Vaidyanathan

    Take it easy
    Jyotiprakash Rout..this launch may not excite you or is not made for you maybe..But thousands of initial cell phone users (including yours truly )have super fond memories of Nokia may not even work that great in 2017 and would not have half as many apps that we have gotten used to now a’s primarily for the Hots&Kicks..everything; in life need not be valued with utility and price..

  • Rohan Mehta

    Arpit Jain 1 month battery

  • Harsh Mathur

    Abhishek Chauhan bro ye wala lenge exam time mai

  • Rahman Mahmud

    most worst thing of nokia basically micro soft that’s why they made it… making nokia more shiitier

  • Aniket Narawade

    Kela! Baghach ata U0001f60f

  • Shreya Nimbalkar

    U0001f44aU0001f3fb tu gift kar U0001f605

  • Aniket Narawade

    Shreya Nimbalkar get this for yourself!U0001f602

  • Jyotiprakash Rout

    Man they never said this phone ‘ll give a 30 days backup rather they said “this phone will give a 30 days standby” ,now there is a difference between actual battery backup and standby and yes this is how people call a “feature phone” Prince Mesmrz Jna

  • Sheikh Abdul Muqeet

    3 Khareeedne parheinge phirU0001f60d

  • Prince Mesmrz Jna

    its nt featr phone its js nly lon batery bck up featr phon batry ll gv 1 mnth back up chlnge??

  • Ehriykc Nepomuceno Lahamedjian

    One month battery!

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    Oo para walng rason na lobat hahaha

  • Saurav Pradhan

    Jyotiprakash Rout hahhaahahah thanks bro

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  • Ghyrvy Caballero

    Vine Dula pwede kila Vi Van Val tong ganitong cp mona

  • Koi Alvarado Burgos

    Even I’m buying it aswell.

  • Mitul Shalehin

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  • Evan King

    I month battery?

  • Rupesh Patil

    Superb I really love Nokia Mobile

  • Jyotiprakash Rout

    Saurav Pradhan Good for you , for me it doesn’t matter if it’s nokia or Apple or whatever if they can’t deliver according to today’s market requirement..i have an old nokia 1100 tho taht works great for me

  • Rhazz Lopez

    Papades Knecks U0001f60d

  • Saurav Pradhan

    First of all its Nokia… Iconic cell… Even I’m buying it on the launch day

  • Mian Waqas

    I dont need it but even dn i will buy ds cz i dont know y i like ds revision of nokia 3310

  • Mitul Shalehin

    Khalid Bin Sattar Shagor Chemist Pranto Evan King dad is back

  • Vinay Goud

    Than wht app will support haa

  • Rolly Edward Cruz

    I miss the classic snake game.

  • Jhonel Enriquez Paldas

    NO. NOT 3310 at all

  • Alaizah Faika

    Izmael Junior, papang ito na gusto ko.hahahaha

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    Charmaine Villa look look

  • Sarika Goyal

    I want to buy this phone

  • Ashok Aije

    It’s too good phone if possible to install whatsapp then it’s excellent phone may be right good pretty phone

  • Banjo Pattison

    Nokia is part of Microsoft now bluey Mark Bryans Sort of.

  • Muna Yusif

    What about wifi ?? Any one knows

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    My my Roselle

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    dance piece.. Hope you like..
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    Ya sab mil k hum ko pagal bana rahay ha ** ka bachay
    One month battery

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    may be… believe in Nokia….

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    Major glow up

  • Patrick Steven Maxwell

    Patrick Steven Maxwell Susan Maxwell potentionally for nanna if she keeps breaking her phones?

  • Caitlin Watters

    When I have kids they wont even have this phone, it will be the old nokias, although I could be persuaded to buy one Mia Stewart

  • Maryam Rana

    Is it waterproof shock proof like before

  • Chirag Malik

    Deven Lalchandani No i bay 6681…the squarest handset ever..kraazziiii parson

  • Mea Muhamad

    wow nm “

  • Isabelo Fegi Jr.

    i didn’t see that coming.. 1month?!

  • Shashank Sharma
  • Shaine Kennery Joaquin
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  • Angela Spilsbury

    Keegan Spilsbury Shelby Spilsbury Mother’s Day pressie right here. Thanks

  • Steven Senjov

    Apparently will not be suitable for Australia. Pity

  • Sangeeth Suresh

    Just need to know only one thing… Is it as strong as the original 3310?

  • Nabeel Tahir

    Father is back

  • Eric Drader

    Josh Malcolm next good idea i have im gunna call someone so i can be invoved instead of watching people do em

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    Below 300 kot. Hehehe

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    Iris Jade Tucop Ramos must see ?

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    Good yan
    Back up/$urvival cp.

  • Brydie Clark

    Freya Kenay omfg no the destruction help

  • Anwar Aj

    Reviews are quite bad about it

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    Bole la beli sorang2 byk kaler.. leh main plekong2

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    Anwar we need to buy this … black for me and whatever colour u want

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    Legend is back

  • Pat Josh

    May be you too need one! :) It can be very helpful in case of any tragedy. It has been proved that smart touch screen phones are useless when any natural calamity or disaster happens…. push button phones last longer, are easy to operate and save many lives!

  • Ahmad Tarmizi Yusof

    Mohamad Durrani Mohamad Bakri Zaki MN Muhd Zulqarnain Nur Athirah Gdaa MA Marq Reece Ana Yah Sarumie Salmie Sapik Original

  • Pat Josh

    Yes. May 2017. Price between 3.5K to 4K. I heard Nokia 6600 is also coming as well.

  • Jhun Gallano Agana

    hows the price?

  • Amanda Parr

    My daughters next phone, she’s 13 and too young for a smart phone but this is good. I think this is the perfect phone for my teen x

  • Daniel Epfaust

    When you can’t innovate so you just try and beat a dead horse.

  • Sec Reyes

    Danette oh one month battery!

  • Islam Shaikh

    The boss is back

  • Ankur Ruhela

    no its not touch screen.

  • Jose-Reyn Laran

    hala…2mp btaw ang month battery pa…ayay!!!pero wa lay orange…lagota

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    hahahahaha nindot baya xa ug nawong

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    Jose-Reyn Laran Am-Am Am-Am dara mga madam 2mp ang cam

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    where can I crab one.

  • Koerie Scheepers

    I will also crab one.

  • Anjanette Delos Reyes

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  • ßäd Sh Âh

    Which country was maiden that?

  • Usman Ali

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    Rajat Ashok Kakkar bhai ye hi le liyo…

  • Aastha Singhania

    Abrar one month battery kills it all.

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    This weekend for sure..

  • Sunil Penugonda

    Meenakshi Puri I want

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    Yeah that’s what made it classic.

  • Sajad Ali
  • Selina Sky

    I can’t use the number pads to text, takes to long to send a bloody message U0001f602

  • Vilma Salcedo

    Lol…… Baka yan na yon…. Who knows magical phone

  • Vilma Salcedo

    Wow !!!!!! The status symbol gadget ever…… 90’s time……..

  • Michaela Jayne

    The best it would be is for a work phone haha

  • Suresh AR

    any idea how much it could cost ?

  • Ashhar Kirmani

    Not at all impressed..
    If they would have launched the same 3310 with black&white; display and thick body. It would have been a great deal.

  • Humaad Khan Babar

    Owais Khakwani bc 1 month battery

  • Abhijith S

    they said 22hr talktime

  • Pamyl Chou

    Moses Ibrahim 1 month battery

  • Katrina Kricel Manumbaga

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  • Sarthak Mohit Kumar

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    Michaela Jayne nah still won’t buy one U0001f602

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    just. let things die in peace.

  • Vishal Kumar Ram

    Any update on fresh symbain OS ??Encik Redzuan

  • Motaung El Klaas

    I think you guys are a lil too late …maybe in 2010 but 2017 NO

  • Fatima Tolentino

    Maria Isabel mahal ko eto o, diba pwede na hahaha ganto nalang bilhin mo kung ayaw mo touchscreen.

  • Samanyika George

    Good for back up . Will definitely grab one

  • Ayush Chawla

    It is not 1 month battery, it is 1 month standby time, which means once fully charged, if you leave your phone like that, and don’t use it for a second even, it would last for 30 Days. Few latest phones have a better standby time, even Nokia didn’t say 1 month battery. 1 month talktime is just too much of a future for now. Stop spreading wrong info

  • Nicolas Connault

    Everyone praising it for the 1-month battery… Don’t you realise that, 1 year after you buy it, it will be a 1-year battery?! What’s so awesome about the age of the battery?
    I’d rather buy a phone that has a 0-month battery!

  • Rudy Mcool

    The Nokia 3310 will retail at an average global retail price of €49 (£41) – significantly less than its original price of £129.

  • Arslan Shani

    i Will buy it

  • Kishor Deshmukh

    Rs kiti ahe

  • Šá?mäñ Ähm?d Šä?mã?

    Lol lol lol lol I

  • Nicolas Connault

    Yeah but in two months time, it will be a 3-months battery and so on… Maybe not so cool!?

  • Inoxent CHaudhry

    :) FAWAD3,ML

  • Deven Lalchandani

    Chirag Malik you exchange your 7 plus and 7 with yellow and red 3310 U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Dan Graham

    Yeah, but can I literally run it over with a truck, and have it be fine like I did once with old one?

  • Rachel Eaton

    will it be able to display emails?..

  • Encik Redzuan

    No android..yes new symbian

  • Shane Logan

    That’s sick lol

  • Jaydon Logan

    Shane Logan its got a 1 month battery lol… new work phone?!

  • Vishal Kumar Ram

    Android or gone symbain os ??

  • Arya Bobby

    Like if you are excited about the 1 month battery facility…. U0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f600U0001f60cU0001f60c

  • Ivan James Macas

    How much please pm me

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    Mahal Sande FBolaquina ang ganda oh

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    Guerrera Del Arco Iris que chulo

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    i hpoe its not touchscreen

  • Aniket Naik

    Prathamesh Panchal one month battery U0001f635

  • Suzanne Santiago

    Soujanya Venktesh OMG Look

  • Rahat Imran

    I will buy it definitely whenever its U0001f680 by the way can you please tell me when this will be available in the market ?

  • Hariom Sharma

    How much price

  • Boy Roy

    Beli se nak gantung tengkok

  • Aj Sth

    Flash in 2mp camera U0001f61eU0001f61e

  • Marilou Ayuson

    I ? 3310 so much!!!

  • Chirag Malik

    Deven Lalchandani Daaniii bay u

  • Ester Yonson Nicdao

    Hm in the market

  • Kiran Mewada

    Price ?

  • Bhramjeet Singh

    Harshit bhai ye lenge 12vi baad 1 month battery iphone 69 ek dum U0001f60dU0001f60d

  • Sourav Mandal

    The daddy is back

  • Mmaeka Canaman

    Hahaha side iton nala tipid kuryente

  • Sagar Suman

    But… But… Where is the Classic Blue Color Variant

  • Nalla Data

    Adi nala imo kay 1 month battery Mmaeka .. Hahaha

  • Gladness Hlatshwayo

    I want it now soon where can I go and buy it now please tell me

  • Ashraful Bashar

    BD te kobe ashbe??

  • Jeffrey Walters

    I dont see it taking off tbh

  • Jaspreet Singh

    Expected India launch date ???

  • Rick Sangma

    Nokia has started its chutiyapan. Later they will make 3315 model numner with same specs

  • Basharat Ismail

    Finally a mobile which will connect people

  • Shahadat Islam

    Saleh Nafi
    1 month bttry

  • Bharat Bhati

    one month battery

  • Abhinav Shukla

    5000 is price. Better to buy Samsung guru of 1500

  • Nesar Mohammad Shafin

    amk gift koris aita.. Hasan Al Muez

  • Nesar Mohammad Shafin

    amk gift koris aita.. Hasan Al Muez

  • Madhurjya Saikia

    Somebody launch a pager too! Hahahahaha

  • Rafiullah Khan

    U0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60d akhlo y rora.

  • Osman Ullah

    Hamad Khan Yousafzai Rafiullah Khan da she de rora

  • Nithyanand Mudaliar

    Daddy is back to business

  • Gurasis Singh

    Avreet DhillonAvree appa v lvage acha

  • Pradeep Khare

    Bharat -Launch in india please ?any updates regarding this share it

  • Prasun Kumar Bhowmick

    Cute cute cute cute cute….

  • Kadam Subhash

    Better if dual SIM

  • Harsh Kumar

    Can we install apps in it??

  • yuvarajanitniksh

    Should have put better internal memory to make it relevant in today’s world

  • Abhijith S

    It has nothing in common with 3310 other than it’s name. It’s just another JAVA phone.

  • Jagadeesh Jaga

    When all updating with Android devices …..Nokia had other ideas