iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Get a Flat Rs. 10,000 Price Cut

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Get a Flat Rs. 10,000 Price Cut

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Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus have received a significant Rs. 10,000 price cut on all its variants and all colours. The iPhone 7 which was originally selling for Rs. 60,000 for the 32GB variant is now available for Rs. 49999 for the same variant and the price changes apply for all variants all the way up to the 128 GB iPhone 7 plus which originally sells for Rs. 82000 but is now available for Rs. 71999. This also includes the Jet Black colour which was on high demand at the time of the launch of the iPhone 7. The deal however does not include the iPhone 7 Plus at 256 GB which still remains pricey at Rs. 92000.

This news comes in wake of ever growing rumours of Apple’s next iPhone which, as a tenth anniversary upgrade, is expected to have some radical changes to design and technology. iPhone’s have usually never received price cuts in India, however, since this trend started in 2016, it has helped Apple move huge number of handsets and achieve record high sales for a phone segment which is now leads. This may possibly be the best time to grab an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with the next upgrade a good 6 months away, your shiny ( or matte) iPhone can be bought for a good discount. The deal also appears to be a limited time offer.

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  • HassaHammo

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  • Prateek Yadav

    Still a better choice U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Abhishek Pratap Singh

    Nokia 3310 Carbon Fibre take it broU0001f60e

  • Prateek Yadav

    Ooo teri..
    Galaxy S8 ko tackle krna h is liye may be… Ya bik nai ra hoga U0001f609U0001f609
    Bach gae sach me… U0001f602U0001f602

  • Abhishek Pratap Singh

    6 Months bhi over hochukaU0001f602U0001f602

  • Mohit Sharma

    Prateek Yadav bach gya bhai U0001f602U0001f602

  • Usman Kidwai

    Divyansh Sharma bhai dekho

  • Usman Kidwai

    Bhai sahi hai

  • Sharique Khan

    Usman good newsU0001f601

  • Saab Gee

    Discount doesn’t matter, battery capacity should be high

  • Saket Chandwani

    Amber bas abh rukja tuU0001f600

  • Ali Nawab

    How can i order?

  • Abhinav Sharma

    Only 10000…we need 30000 cut… ;)

  • Kartikaya Gupta

    I want to buy it how I have to do order

  • Amritanshu Mukherjee

    It isn’t Sachin. It’s garbage. It’s in fact a glorified feature phone for those who don’t care what’s underneath the hood.

  • ?á?hí?

    Its worth for that price

  • Amritanshu Mukherjee

    No, there are 3 types of people who can
    1. Be easily fooled and hypnotised by clever businessmen and buy garbage, thinking it to be gold.
    2. Maybe some smart people like me and Nitin exist amongst the herds of fools who know what is what.
    3. Maybe blokes like Mayank have an iPhone and are pissed of with their purchase, so frustration makes them argue pointlessly.

  • Rahul Roy

    Bhaiya apka kismat kharab tha

  • Nitin S. Raval

    Have the likes of Mayank Tiwaris ever heard the name ‘Vertu’? I have one.

  • ?á?hí?

    There are two type of people one who can afford an apple and another one who can afford funny apple quotes

  • Shubham Lade

    Who cares… Still need to sell kidney… U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Vivek Khandai

    Sahi aur pagalo ki koi kami tode ha
    Upar dekho

  • AkarshPoddutoori

    For r&d; and for quality
    IPhone works easily for years, then any other mobile os

  • Prince Kumar

    Mc 10 din pahle liya tha or kutton ne ab rate ghata di

  • Jitender Chauhan

    Still, not worth it

  • Nitin S. Raval

    Newspaper DNA had given full dissection of Apple iPhone 4s at its launch some time back, the company price was 45000, while actual components were worth 11,400 Rs.

  • Mayank Tiwari

    Your frustration of not being able to buy it bro…U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Aayush Verma

    Why are you so against iPhones? What bad has it done to you?
    I mean ya you had one terrible experience but…Why?

  • Amritanshu Mukherjee

    An over-hyped stupid piece of tech. All that ridiculous money for the logo of a fruit. I laugh at the hypocrisy of those who buy it.

  • Sidharth Paul

    Yatin Vij that moment when you say awww and WTF at same time…#awwfcuk

  • Anmol Arora

    Hahaha, bhalai ka zamana hi nai hai.

  • Vineet Bhandari

    Have you read the article? The two phones are still priced at 50,000 and 72,000 after the discount. Tag me again when they’re down to 25,000. Thanks

  • Prahlad Reddy

    Wow so affordable!

  • Dhananjay Palta

    A bit?
    More like 10,000 bits U0001f602

  • Ameya Adhyapak

    Neha tai read it

  • Sourabh Katti

    Oh my god! Buying right now! Oh wait. Still no paisa.

  • Anmol Arora

    Akanksha Gupta Vineet Bhandari saloon lelo abh.

  • Aayush Verma

    It’s technology dude… Not gold… Come on it had to slash down *A BIT*.

  • Yashovardhan Singh Siwach

    Arre humne toh 10 din pehle hi liya h

  • Ankit Godara

    Raiso ki chijo ki values down kr rhe h tuchiye

  • Yashovardhan Singh Siwach

    Ankit Godara kya bakwas h

  • Vivek Gangwar

    Sahi keh rha h bhai :D

  • Shekhar Pandey

    Abhi to 20000 price cut hoga……fir ek time ye 19999 me bikega

  • Haris Sheikh

    Muhtishim aur bta iPhone lun?

  • Dhananjay Palta

    You just lost 10k
    (Tries not to cause a burn, fails terribly). :*

  • Aayush Verma

    Still 60k….(tries not to brag about it, fails terribly).U0001f618

  • Kartik Mathur

    Aviral Jain…. Lele iPhone….U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Kunal Mondal

    No thanks iam happy with my Galaxy S7 U0001f61bU0001f61bU0001f61b

  • Debargha Biswas

    Chalo vai
    80% kidney kaat ke benchege aab

  • Pratyush Ranjan

    The ones bought it a week ago U0001f602

  • Soni Bodra

    Galaxy s8 aa rha he

  • Abdul Azhari

    Salik Azhari now u can buy U0001f604

  • Dharma Mehta

    No no for a phone who doesn’t have headphone jack , that is too much waiting U0001f602U0001f605

  • Blanca Pinto

    Never mind. Waited enough and done :P

  • Raja Kalimuthan

    Waiting for Iphone 8 –

  • Girish Nitin Panchal

    True Gujrati will wait for iPhone 9 for Buying 7 :p

  • Rishabh Jain

    Bhai maine 60k kaa liya hai iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Jet Black U0001f602

  • Chirag Charania

    Siddhant Aniruddha Girish

  • Siddharth Verma

    Rishabh bhai tera to katt gya…U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Richard D’souza

    Blanca Pinto only if you waited.

  • Manful Rajpurohit

    Dinesh Pooniya
    ab lele bhav kam heU0001f605

  • Nadeem Shah

    Bilal agr h koi iphone to nikal do or rate gir jagenge 8 ane tk

  • Anurag Mistry

    So wat…???
    Pehle kidney bechna padta tha…
    Ab aankhe bech kr khareedenge

  • Méhar Vírdí

    Kunal U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 Bichara Cob U0001f602

  • Ankit Singh

    Ab kewal ek kidney bechne se kaam chal jayega kya? ;)

  • Abhishek Gautam

    Lo Bhai Pandit Ayush AgnihotriU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Shashank Shekhar

    Loss ho gayaa BC

  • Naman Chaudhary

    Jas Khurana didnt i tell yaU0001f60e

  • Dhananjay Palta

    Aayush Verma Ouch

  • Saurav Pradhan

    Bhai ab paytm peh 65000 ka milra…. 7 plus… But is time sabse worst time h… Iphone 8 Aane waala h tabhi bakchodi
    U0001f602 U0001f602 U0001f602

  • Ritoban Das

    Nawab Shubham Singh..loss ho gaya bhai!

  • Vivek Gangwar

    Yash Gupta bro :P ab toh paytm pe wo 60 ka hojyga 128gb wala

  • Akash Debnath

    Taanya 10k ka nuksan U0001f60c

  • Er Zeeshan Khan

    Abhi b aukaat k bahar hU0001f913

  • Shreyas Jani

    Spoken like a true gujarati!!!

  • Dharma Mehta

    we can wait for i phone 8 , more 10000 will be cut :p

  • Daman Singh Sondhi

    kidney to fir bhi bechni padegi U0001f61c

  • Modit Johar

    chutiya banane ki ninja technique!

  • Rishiraj Acharya

    Like If It’s Phir Bhi Aukaad Ke Bahar! U0001f622U0001f602

  • Gaurav Sharma

    What seriously 10 prateeshat ki chooot