Supremo Putin Nokia 3310 with Gold & Titanium Costs 1.13 Lakh

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Supremo Putin Nokia 3310 with Gold & Titanium Costs 1.13 Lakh

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HMD Global launched the Nokia 3310 at the Mobile World Congress 2017, alongside three Android smartphones : Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. The revamped version of the Nokia 3310 created a stir in the technology world. The feature phone has been priced at Rs. 3900 in India. Meanwhile, a Russian firm, Caviar has created a premium variant of the sturdy Nokia 3310, which is made up of gold and titanium. The customized Nokia 3310 will have the Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s face embossed at the back, teamed up with a quote from the Russian national anthem. (Propaganda Much)


The Gold and Titanium variant of the Nokia 3310 has been named Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin. The body of the Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin is black, with gold plating, dotted titanium design and Vladimir’s face embossed in gold at the back. The quote from the Russian National Anthem is right below the face, engraved on a gold plate. The home button on the Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin variant carries the Russian Federation’s coat of arms.


Caviar is known for manufacturing customized, design-heavy variants of iconic phones. The over-the-top (in terms of cost and otherwise) variant of the Nokia 3310 will be packed in a red box and will be available at a price of RUB 99,000, which roughly amounts to Rs. 1,13,200. This variant of the Nokia 3310 will most likely be available for sale only in Russia. The specifications of the variant, however, will be the same as the classic Nokia 3310 (2017).

HMD Global’s India Vice President, Ajay Mehta, suggested that the classic Nokia 3310 (2017) will be available in India sometime in May. While the Premium Variant of the Nokia 3310 from Caviar costs a fortune, given the phone specifications, it is expected to garner a lot of attention, especially from those with that kind of cash to spare on a feature phone. Read more about the Nokia 3310 here.

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??? ????

Please put buy link I want to buy it now. Fast

Souvik Mukherjee

I will not take it even for free
Coz I am using jioU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

Zahid Hussain

Nokia is best product. But I think it will not rise up again

Abhishek Yaduvanshi

And get 2 Redmi note 4 from the remaining money. U0001f602

Chetan Kolli

Buy an iPhone 7 plus 256GB instead

Rahul Rana

Try selling a Modi version in India,
It will sell 10x more.