Salman Khan Registers “Being Smart” Mobile Phone Brand, Bhai-Phone Inevitable!

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Salman Khan Registers “Being Smart” Mobile Phone Brand, Bhai-Phone Inevitable!

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Indian celebrity and “Being Human” clothing brand owner, Salman Khan, has registered a new brand under the name of “Being Smart” towards an inevitable launch of Smart Phones for the entry – mid ranger market.

The phones are being made to compete against Chinese smartphone makers, with the likes of Xiaomi and Oppo. Salman has approached several investors for his venture and is building an operational management team that may be headed by an executive with leadership experience in Samsung and Micromax. One person with this exact background is Mr. Vineet Taneja, who had left Samsung Mobile India, to join Micromax informatics where he headed the mobile division till last year. Many have also blamed Mr. Taneja for the downfall of the Micromax’s popularity in the smartphone market, which dropped from the radar during Vineet’s tenure.

However, all the details of the company are not out yet, and whether this results in a launch of smartphones is also not clear. According to the reports, the proceeds from the venture, just like other brands by Salman, Being Human clothing and Jewellery, will be directed to charity and social work carried out by Khan’s Being Human Foundation.

At Present the Indian mobile market is the third largest in the world, and new mobile phone brands are exceedingly eying India for increased profits and market share. However, the market is tough and held strongly by big brands like, Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, Oppo and Vivo in the Offline and Online space, while the likes of Moto, Xiaomi, Le-Eco and OnePlus in the online only space.

The specifications and details of the phones, along with price brackets are unknown at the moment. But if Salman does get investors on board, which should not be a problem. Expect a barrage of “Bhai-Phones” in the Indian Market. We wonder if they will run on Android or Bhai OS :

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