iG Exclusive : Micromax Working on a Dual Core Android PowerPhone : Leaked | Update : its the A85

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iG Exclusive : Micromax Working on a Dual Core Android PowerPhone : Leaked | Update : its the A85

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Originally Published on: Jul 14, 2011 @ 14:00

Update: we have confirmed new that this device is now called the Micromax A85 , the specs remain final.

Whats up butterflies of the inter-webs, we have exclusive news for you folks. Micromax is working on a dual core smartphone for the Indian Market. Currently dubbed “PowerPhone” expect a “Poseidon”, “Titan”  or “Hercules” type of name on launch.

The new device will be based around a phone made in the depths of Chinese Manufactories. Micromax will add its design hues but more or less the specs will remain the same.

Rumored Specs will include:

  • A Tegra 2 Processor  with  Geforce8
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 1 GHZ dual core – 2 x Arm Cortex A9 processors
  • 512 MB RAM- 8 Gb onboard storage
  • 3.8 inch screen with 480×800 pixel resolution
  • Capacitive Touch Screen with 4 Multitouch points
  • 5 Megapixel camera with tap focus and intelligent illumination
Rumors point to a possible drop of the onboard storage to make the device affordable. There is also a front facing camera and a 1650mah battery. 
Whatever may be the case the device is set to launch later this year with a price tag of less than  Rs. 18,000/-

 Hold on while we try to get an official word on this, so to happen Rumor!

Update: we have confirmed new that this device is now called the Micromax A85 , the specs remain final.

Remember we dropped first information on this device back in June!

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  • Vijay_heartbreakkid

    hey ………….it’s awssome phone give the release date as soon as possible………………..eagerly witing for the device………………..

  • vekin


  • Abhishek

    it is the rebranded version of  Wellcom’s A100 which is already available in Thailand.
    i think its OEM is FOXCONN.
    And it has 5 multitouch points with no axis inversion Bug.

  • Akku sharma

    cool i WAN’t to buy it as soon it reaches market

  • I want to purchase this phone when it come in the market
    i think this phone has all the features that i have need

  • Vijayshimla

    Just rebranded chink poop !!
    Why is there not even one real Mobile phone maker in India- is all innovation dead in India !!

  • Vishal464

    Re_branded K-Touch W700

    well what about A70’s android 2.3 upgradiblity???

  • Prasad Kurundkar

    I was wondering if A70 was so equipped at such competitive price, why have Micromax held it from adding video calling by 3G network into it. There were leakages stating the upgrade shall be soon on board with this. But there is hardly anything shared about it in A85. On the other hand expected price tag limit has no comparison to that of A70. I think its going to be one more upsetting thing for those who are looking value for money.

  • mukul dubey

    i wanna ask u about micromax a70 that wheteher its gonna have gingerbread update soon or it will take some time?and secondly after providing 1450mah capacity battery why only 4-5hrs talktime i think its not at par bcoz i was thinking to buy it but uptil then unaware about that i m planning to buy a mobile phone in budget of 15k and shortlisted nokia c6-01,sony xperia mini,huawei ideos x5 & micromax a70.i wanna buy it till diwali so if u have any other option except what i have mentioned then plz suggest me asa soon as possible and one more thing processor should be faster i don’t care whether symbian or android but must be a money for value phone with photo/image editing,document editing,3g,wifi,good camera & hd recording @30fps is my priority so advice me by considering all above factors.

    • Gopikrishna

      Go for Galaxy S or Galaxy S II or Sonyerricson XPERIA Arc

      And about the update while we contacted the MicromaX Press Desk we came to know that they are not going to provide an official update to 2.3 on A70 . But still it have grown to a popular mobile within its announcing and so might be unofficial software updates might be available .

      • Gopikrishna

        Ya i support this and i give preference to Galaxy S and S II as even they support Video calling which Mi410 A70 And Xperia Mini Pro Doesn’t support…

    • Binoj

      spice mi 410 will be a good choice

  • Gopikrishna

    This phone seems like a re branding of the Chinese phone K-Touch W700 and am not sure as a growing graphic designer i am in a doubt weather the label micromax in the Above pic is an addition with PS by some crazy dudes. But still how did you confirm this Barath ?

  • Binoj

    it is a rebranted china phone of
    K-Touch W700

  • Ssmantri

    wicked….. hope to see it soon at a low price ! any details on the release date ???

  • Binoj

    please please add a review not about recommended  android applications like ADW  launcher, Z4 root

  • Wahid_d786

    It should be around Rs 15k then THUMBS UP otherwise thumbs down ,even compared to HTC,Samsung orLG the body would be cheap plastics only

  • Revanchdg

    I hope this phone does not have poor durability and high SAR value!!!

  • Nehalchoraria

    please tell the release date of this devise..and in other sites it given that it has android 2.2 does it have 2.2 or 2.3??