Anytime May Be Amazon’s Answer to WhatsApp and Messenger

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Anytime May Be Amazon’s Answer to WhatsApp and Messenger

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With the ever increasing messaging apps, here’s another name to add to the messaging app consortium. Though with Facebook, Apple and Google, the messaging apps have reached a saturation point, it reportedly hasn’t stopped Amazon from taking a shot at it. According to reports, Amazon has been working on it’s own messaging app for Android, iOS and desktop.

While it’s a little too early to speculate the app’s features, the Anytime app is rumored to be a full-featured, standalone messaging app for smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart watches.  Designed to let people chat via text and video, exchange photos with filters, play games etc. Anytime will allow the users to engage with other Amazon services like making reservations, shopping, business interactions etc while sharing all this with your messaging buddies. The app is also said to include all the mainstay features like message encryption, stickers  to begin with and then voice and video calls at a later stage.

Amazon has also been reported to survey its customer base about the potential features. Some of which include, groups, gaming, filters for images and video, and personal along with business chats.

The app is also apparently different from the likes of WhatsApp and messenger in the following ways.

  • Reportedly, only a name will be required to reach out to another user.
  • Unlike WhatsApp, Anytime might not be dependent on phone numbers of users.
  • Only Twitter-style @ mentions will be needed to share photos or bring people into conversations.
  • The chats can be color-coded just in case you need to highlight the  important ones.

Amazon has already paved it’s way in the messaging and communications market with the launch of Chime- A video conferencing app for business users.  Provided the rumors are correct, a chat app would offer Amazon another way to bring people into its stride. Anytime is reported to be  designed to compete against messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc and the fact that no phone number is needed to registerer the app maybe something that will excite potential users.

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