Mini Google Home To Take On Echo Dot

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Mini Google Home To Take On Echo Dot

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Google is reportedly planning to compete with the Amazon’s smart speaker, Echo Dot by releasing a miniature version of its own Home smart speaker. The unveiling of the miniaturised Google Home is expected to be at a hardware event planned for the upcoming Pixel sequel.

Planning to rival the Amazon’s Echo Dot, the Google Assistant powered smart speaker will allow you to access voice command interfaces for audio systems, connecting multiple Home units, playing music etc.

It is still unclear as to what all features Google’s smaller Home Speaker will come with but we are hoping that the voice-activated Assistant hub will host the similar features like its sibling. Some of which are expected to be hands free calling, accessing smart home devices, personalised experience by disguised voice feature, getting real-time answers related to traffic, weather reports etc.

No specific details about the mini Home speaker’s pricing, dimensions and feature set have been spilled yet. But given the massive popularity of Amazon’s Echo Dot which is priced at $50, a smaller, cheaper version of Google Home makes much more sense, as the original Google Home costs $129.

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It has also been reported that Google will also launch the new Pixel-branded Chromebook at the Pixel event. This will be the first Chromebook after the launch of the original Chromebook Pixel in 2015. At present, no information about the specifications for this laptop has surfaced. It has been widely reported that the new Pixel Chromebook is a byproduct of Google’s Project Bison, but, it appears not to be the case . Google may be planning to target the higher-end notebook market once again. It is safe to say that the new Pixel-branded Chromebook is intended to be a serious contender to Apple’s MacBook lineup and Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

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Anshika Jain
  • Jack Smith

    With the Google Home when I say call mom it just knows my mom versus when my wife it knows her mom and then my kids it knows my wife.

    It just knows and something the Echo can just NOT do for anything. I purchased my Echo in late 2014 and now had it almost 3 years and it still can NOT do this! What gives? Google Home has only been out 6 months and already has far more functionality.

    But all of this is rather moot. The HUGE issue is the Echo still requires commands versus the Google Home you just talk naturally. Really everything else is insignificant. At it’s core the Echo is flawed compared to the Google Home.

    The fact the Echo requires commands is why it never integrated in our home and the Google Home is well integrated. I was motivated to sit down and memorize the Echo commands but my family never was.

  • Good decision by Google, it’s needed and to compete Echo! ?