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LG Optimus Black Review

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The LG Optimus Black was announced a while back, March 2011 to be precise, but the device appeared on our shores much later in July. People awaited the LG Optimus Black with much anticipation as it offered brilliance on a budget. 

Does it really stand up to its name? Does it deliver brilliance? Lets Find Out!

Build Quality

The Optimus Black is possibly the most well built phone in LG’s stable, only after the 2X. With a slim profile and tapered glossy black accents, the device also has a tough front glass and a brilliant camera. The device is built to last and will not fail to deliver in that respect. The plastic is of superior quality and the device does not rattle or squeak from anywhere.

Name Type
Operating System   Android OS v2.2
 Dimensions  122mm x 64mm x 9.2 mm
 Weight  109g
 Display Screen  4 inch WVGA IPS LCD
 Processor  1 GHz Cortex A8 Processor
 RAM  512 MB
 Storage  2GB Internal + 32GB Optional
 Camera  5 MP Rear : 2 MP Front (AF)
 Video  720P VIDEO @30 fps
 Connectivity  Wi-Fi, 3G, GPRS, EDGE,
A-GPS, Bluetooth v3.1 with EDR
 Battery  1500 mAh Li-Ion
The Price of the Device is about : Rs. 19,800 in the Market

Camera & Multimedia

The device features a brilliant 5mp Autofocus camera on the back that does HD video at 720p (watch sample below). The picture quality  from the 5mp snapper is absolutely stunning, the camera focuses with precision and the LED does a wonderful job of eliminating darkness. The camera is also snappy at taking pictures and responds quickly.

Video quality is pretty great and almost close to what the iPhone 4 has to offer in good light, but kind of waivers in low light.

The front facing camera is simply superb quality and works just fine with Skype and other video softwares.

Audio from videos is low, but in game audio and music sounds are loud. The preference file some where needs to be tweaked to output proper audio. the speaker is fairly loud when the audio is proper. But, not as great as we would have like it to be.

The display is absolutely brilliant with a 700NIT brightness. The brightest display on a mobile device ever, makes the quality of the display that much better, whether indoors or outdoors. The only drawback of a very bright display is low battery life.

Phone & Messaging

The earpiece and microphone are great to pick up sound, but one unfortunate error in the design of the Optimus black prevents you from using the phone as a PHONE. every time you hold the phone in your hand, the network drops. So much so that we went able to get through a decent phone call to test audio quality. At first we thought the device was defective and got a replacement test unit, but alas!, still no proper network. So how good is a phone thats not a phone? its pathetic, is what it is, purely pathetic.

The touchscreen is a 4 point multitouch which allows for a simply great messaging experience, not to forget the iPhone style keyboard. The network issue prevails here as well, as you grip the phone to type, the device looses network.

Data & Battery

The Optimus Black is almost Satan’s child when it comes to how hot it gets on a data connection, its almost impossible to handle. The device gets blazing hot and starts to loose battery at an alarming rate, flat dead in 25-40 minutes. With data off, you get about 4 hours of talk time along with about two days of standby.

Not having been able to test internet performance we can’t comment on the battery life beyond that.


Its a pity that LG let us down yet again, we really liked the device when we got it at first. The device has good specs, excellent build, brilliant cameras and a very – very bright display. A great touch screen and decent hardware, but the device basically fails at being a phone. The death grip network loss issue is beyond excuse and cannot be mended with any kind of fix. ( except a full silicon cover or gloves on the users hands) the phone also performed poorly in the benchmarks.

We had a lot of expectations from this device and feel totally let down. LG really needs to step up their game, they have possibly good hardware, but something somewhere went wrong with the Optimus Black.

[xrr rating=2.5/5 label=”We Rate The Optimus Black : ” imageset=shiny_yellow_star display_as=fraction_stars]


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thr is no probs of call/network dropping as indicated above…i hv an airtel conn” which works pretty fine….n i was also in confusion b/w black and 2x (thnxx to shopkeeper who sorted out evrything)…… black is bettr bcoz 1.) 2x has hanging/rebooting problems, 2.) display of black is nova…which is better…3.) battery lyf of 2x is poor due to heavy hardware…, if u r a 2x and if u r a surfer then go for black…
” price of 2x is Rs 19,100/- and that of black is Rs 19,200/- (on sunday 15/1/12) hotspot store”

Pushkar Mdeshpande

now i m confused lg optimus black accordind to price or samsung galxy r according to its specs


Should I Buy LG Optimus Black Or LG Optimus 2X Confused Can U Help


guys plsss help me wether to buy LGOBam dam confused abut it. couz of reveiws above mention an i realy want to knw abut the display quality an bATTERY LIFE.


Thanks  A lot for the Blacks review i almost bought it


I have just using OB for a month, what u have mention on the review about its death grip issue? i don’t really facing what you are facing …  Weird….

Rashmi Sharma23887

Any idea how to forward message in LG Optimus Black?


 Just make a long tap on any message you want to forward, options will pop-up, select “forward” option from it…

Soumya Mukherjee

I need your help. I just bought a OB yesterday. I hv downloaded some Live wall papers and ring tones. Any body can say in which folder they have installed or how can I change the Live wall papers or ring tones in my OB P970? Kindly send a mail to


just hold your finger over the msg n a new popup will appear in which u wil get fwd option


Hi Bharat,
I am using this phone from last 1 month, and it is very good phone. The 2 Main Issues u told are not there is my phone at all, So may be u can check with ur Handset, I tried to cover the phone but no Network Drop at all, and Battery Issue is also not there. I will Suggest you u to Upgrade the phone to Version 10b and test again, many people say that they got improvement after upgrade, So please have a check.


are you sure because i want to buy this phone plz give me good reply



What do you mean by upgrade to Version 10b?????????????????


10b ????


I want to buy an Android phone in the range of 23K- My choices are the Galaxy S, Nexus S and the Desire S. I need it to replace my iPod too, so they need to have amazing audio quality through headphones. Please advise.


kindly compare lg optimus black & Spice mi410


plz review micromax a70…………….im waiting from last sunday