Dual SIM Apple iPhone With A 6.1-inch Display Is Launching But You Can’t Have It

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Dual SIM Apple iPhone With A 6.1-inch Display Is Launching But You Can’t Have It

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Disappointing For Indian iPhone Buyers
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Apple had a good Q3 in 2018 earning US$11.5 billion in profits. There have been rumours of a Dual SIM iPhone set to launch this year. For Apple, a Dual SIM flagship smartphone would bode well for its sales figure, especially in the emerging Asian markets like India and China. However, a recent report suggests that Apple fans waiting for a Dual SIM iPhone, especially in India, may not be able to buy it. This Dual SIM smartphone will likely be launched with a 6.1-inch LCD display, this could be the iPhone 9. The other variants will likely sport a 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch display which would be the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus.


According to the reports, Apple wants to launch the Dual SIM iPhone exclusively in China. The reason, as the report claims, is that the company plains on growing a strong foothold in the Chinese market. Currently, the major players in the Chinese market are companies like Huawei and Xiaomi. Apple iPhones account for less than 5% of the Chinese smartphone market share, hence this could be Apple’s strategy to rope in more customers. However, China is not the only market where Dual-SIM smartphones are popular. The Indian mid-range smartphone segment provides a buyer with plenty of Dual-SIM smartphone options. The fact that Apple may not be planning to sell a Dual SIM iPhone in India might disappoint a lot of loyal Apple fans eagerly waiting for the company to launch a Dual SIM flagship smartphone.

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Apple’s Dual SIM iPhone will quite likely be the less costly variant in the 2018 iPhone lineup. Especially since the company is planning to launch it in a market where mid-range smartphones dominate the flagship lineup. With that said, the best bet for Apple fans in India should wait until Apple launches the new iPhone in its September event. In all likelihood, the news about a China exclusive Dual-SIM smartphone could be fake. So, stay tuned for our full coverage of the story.

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