Lexar Unveils Largest microSD Card With 512GB Capacity

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Lexar Unveils Largest microSD Card With 512GB Capacity

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With ever-evolving technology, the need for higher storage mediums has become crucial. Mankind has started recording and gathering as much data as possible. Data could be in any form such as documents, images, videos, software applications and many more. Data storage devices are available in multiple shapes and sizes like hard disks, SSDs, CDs, and microSD cards. Hard disk and SSD offer greater storage capacity and are not as footprint bound as microSD cards. While packing in more storage capacity into tiny microSD cards is hard but it is also essential to push the boundaries of data storage on modern-day mobile devices. MicroSD cards go hand in hand with the latest smartphones that are capable of serving digital media on the go. Recently Lexar has launched the Lexar 512 GB microSD card for mobile devices.

512 GB In A Tiny Chip!

Lexar 633x is the world’s largest storage capacity microSD card that is commercially available. It has an astounding storage capacity of 512 GB with 100 MB/s and 70 MB/s read-write speeds. To support such high capacity cards,one must also need a compatible device. Samsung flagship smartphones launched after Galaxy S8 are capable of supporting a 512 GB microSD card. But, no company till now has offered microSD cards with such a large capacity. The Lexar 512 GB microSD is a notable technological feat which allows storing an enormous amount of data.

For reference the amount of different data types that can be stored on the Lexar 512 GB microSD card are as follows:
  • Movies- 512 (avg size 1 GB)
  • Songs- 64,000 (avg size 8 MB)
  • Pictures- 32,000 (16 MP Photos)
  • Video- 7 Hours 28 Minutes (4K Ultra HD)
  • Document Files- 5,12,000 (avg size 1MB)
  • Applications-10,240 (avg size 50MB)

Most notably the Lexar 512 GB 633x microSD card is of A2 type. The Type A2 has much higher read and write IOPS compared to an A1 type card.

IOPS stands for input/output operations per second that plays a vital role in the number of files can be accessed at a given time. The A1 storage cards have 1500 and 500 minimum read and write IOPS  speed while the A2 has a minimum 4,000 and 2,000 IOPS read/write speed. In simpler words, the Type A2 contribute to a faster performing mobile device.

Price & Availability

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The Lexar 512 GB 633X has price tag of $ 299 (around Rs. 21,900) and is available from Lexar’s official website and later will also be available offline.



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