Apple Accepts Some iPad Pros Ship Slightly Bent, Calls It ‘Normal’

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Apple Accepts Some iPad Pros Ship Slightly Bent, Calls It ‘Normal’

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The iPad Pro 2018 was introduced last month. The new iPad  carries a brand new design language and a killer performance, which is worthy to even replace a laptop, in some cases. The new design features slim bezels on all sides and the lack of a home button. The rectangular build sure does look great, but ran it to some problems soon after its release. Users started complaining that the new iPad Pro can be easily bent, thus comprising the integrity of the device. Now, Apple has confirmed that some of the iPads may ship bent. But they do assure customers that this will not affect the performance of the device.

The ‘Bendgate’

Apple says the the bend is a side effect of the manufacturing process involved in making the iPad Pro. A cooling process involving the iPad Pro’s metal and plastic components, results in this bend. They say that this should not worsen over time or negatively affect the performance of the device. Most interestingly, Apple does not consider this to be a defect. This is not limited to just one variant and both the 11 inch and 12.9 inch model of the iPad Pro can exhibit this.

The statement from Apple is not something that they have admitted to on their own. This is a response to many customers after they took to social media to state that their iPad Pro’s developed a slight bend, without any rough usage or mistreatment of the device. Users also said that they had never applied any extra stress to the iPad Pro.

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Recently, a video by Jerryrigseverything showed him bending the iPad Pro into half without much of an effort. However, Apple still stands by the quality of its iPad Pro. A lot of experts also said that the video was a bit biased and is more of a publicity stunt. Apple claims that the device is extremely thin and is spread over a large surface area, therefore making it more susceptible to this issue. However, no one has reported this issue causing any issued in the working of the device and the iPad Pro is still the best tablet in the market right now.

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