Bose Introduces Noise Cancellation For Cars

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Bose Introduces Noise Cancellation For Cars

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Bose has been in the forefront of noise cancellation technology for a long time now and it seems the company is making strides into in- car noise cancellation as well. This technology will keep the sound of the car engine and other peripheral sound away from the passengers sitting inside. While some of might love the growling engine and exhaust of our cars, some do prefer a quieter journey, specially for long distances. 

The new technology is called QuietComfort Road Noise Control. Bose is known worldwide for their excellent noise cancellation headphones also, aptly named QuietComfort series. This technology uses your vehicle’s audio system, accelerometers, microphones, and Bose’s own signal-processing software. While cars, up until now provided noise reduction, by increasing the insulation and use of specialised tires, the QuietComfort Road Noise Control works differently. 

How It Works

Bose headphones continuously measure, compare, and react to outside noise, then cancel it with the opposite signal. The car’s noise cancellation system works in a similar fashion. It uses an algorithm that counteracts noise produced by the body of the car with equal and opposing sound waves. These sound waves are transmitted through the car’s speakers. The technology also makes use of small microphones inside the cabin to generate the precise noise reduction signal that is required. 

This technology will provide a quieter in- car environment. This will allow the passengers and the driver a chance to enjoy their music, calls or conversation without any disturbance. This technology is aimed towards the future, according to Bose, because it will substantially reduce noticeable road noise from electric propulsion and lighter cars. The technology will theoretically also help the car become lighter because noise insulation will not be required in cars anymore. 

Bose has been pioneering the noise reduction technology and has several patents to its name. It will be interesting to see how the company changes in- car noise reduction as we know it. 

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