Apple Replaced 11 Million iPhone Batteries In 2018 Up From 1-2 Million In The Past

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Apple Replaced 11 Million iPhone Batteries In 2018 Up From 1-2 Million In The Past

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Last year Apple apologized to customers for purposely slowing older iPhones via a software update. Angry iPhone users accused Apple of deliberately slowing down older iPhones that would force them to upgrade to a new device. However, the company later explained it was done in an effort to prolong the battery life of ageing devices. To make peace with anguished users, Apple offered battery replacement for the affected devices at highly discounted prices.

Before the battery replacement program, it would cost US $ 79 to replace the battery on an iPhone 6 or later which was later brought down to US $ 29. A notable Apple blogger, John Gruber in a post reported that during the battery replacement program Apple swapped batteries on 11 million iPhones which are several folds compared to 1-2 million in previous years.  However, Apple is yet to confirm the actual figures. The replacement program was kicked off in December 2017 and it concluded on 31 December 2018. 

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Battery replacement on affected devices prior to the program would cost Rs 6,500 in India which later came down to only Rs 1995. This exchange program has hugely affected the revenue forecast for Apple. Analysts originally forecasted revenue of $ 91 Billion which fell sharply to $ 84 Billion for the first fiscal quarter of 2019. 



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