Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Have A Secondary Display

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Have A Secondary Display

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Samsung’s Galaxy series of phones are the most anticipated high end smartphones along with Huawei, iPhones and Oneplus phones. So it does not come as a surprise that everyone has focused their attention on the new Galaxy S10 series of phones.

According to a Dutch media source, Samsung had filed a new patent which includes the provision for a tiny second display. This isn’t the average display at the back of the phone, but a display overlay over the front camera. Most phones with punch hole cameras have to leave the lens part blackened out. The new patent wishes to put a screen on top of it. This is so that it can display relevant icons such as an animation of a heart when performing biometrics, a red outline if the camera is not ready, a green outline when it is and so on.  The transparent screen will hide various optical components which work with the help of light. These include proximity sensors, lighting sensors and the front camera. This will enable the phone to have a cleaner design and will be a much better experience for the users. 


The second screen area will supposedly have a lower resolution than the main screen. The two display areas will work independently of each other. The display will also be able to show colours and the transparency of the small display will vary. 

Samsung has spoken about correcting the image displayed on the second screen. This can be done using a technology they are calling ‘light path conversion device’. It is integrated as an additional display layer, in a grid pattern. The smartphone is also said to be able to detect if the area is being used for the camera or biometrics. We will have to wait and see if these new patents are in any way incorporated into new phones. Specially the the soon-to-be-launched galaxy S10 but it seems highly unlikely since many previous leaks suggest the phone to have a punch hole camera like any other phone. 

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