Google’s New Extension Tells You If Your Password Is Unsafe

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Google’s New Extension Tells You If Your Password Is Unsafe

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In this day and age where Internet has taken over everything, one can never be too careful. There have been several data breaches over the past few months which have made people anxious about privacy on internet. Google aims to minimize that anxiety by launching an extension called Password Checkup. The tool will help you check if your data credentials have been compromised in a previous data leak.

Password Checkup: How Does It Work?

The extension can be added to the Chrome browser to track login details every time a sign in occurs. It then searches through approximately 4 billion compromised credentials. The extension will then alert if the credentials have been part of a breach and if a password change is required. Google says that it won’t store any of the users data and that the extension will never reveal the credentials to Google. The aim of this added security is to prevent hijack of the extension’s functionality, which could then be used to gain access to a users private info.


According to the description of the extension, it will anonymously report information on the number of look-ups. Google is also looking to improve the way the extension works over time; hopefully it’ll be embedded into a future version of the Chrome browser so more users can take the necessary steps to protect their accounts. This seems like a great initiative by Google. 

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Google hasn’t had the best reputation when it comes to data security. But, if their claims are true about not harvesting this data, this could be a great new add-on for people who are concerned about their privacy on the internet. If you are interested in checking out the extension, you can head to the Chrome Extension store, or alternatively click here. 

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