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iG Exclusive : Micromax A85 SuperPhone Hands On (Video)

This is one of those moments that makes you feel proud. We got an exclusive hands on with the new upcoming Micromax A85 Super Phone, and we are happy to say the device is quite impressive. The overall specs mentioned in our earlier rumors match with the actual final device. The screen on the Micromax A85 is a Gorilla Glass coated, 3.8 inch 480×800 pixel display which has vivid color composition. The device also has a muti-touch surface and importantly is based on the Nvidia Tegra 2 Processor with 1GHz dual core chipset and a dedicated GPU (Geforce8). The overall interface of the device is quite smooth and Micromax for once has done some unique customizations to the Android Build.

Android on this device is still however 2.2 (froyo) but the company insider promises that the Android 2.3 build is already-ready and undergoing testing. We are keeping our fingers crossed with that. The interface has a unique mix of apps and widgets with an option of multiple launchers from the initial rom. The device also features Gesture control which can be seen in a limited number of inbuilt applications such as Email, messaging, contacts, etc.  The gesture controls can be used to navigate through the picture gallery and play/pause and forward/rewind in the music /video players. The gestures main use will come into the phone app with which you can answer or silence incoming calls, and with the wave of your hand you can put the phone into Speakerphone mode while in a call.

The device scored well in our initial hands on, as we also got a chance to add some benchmark apps and run them to get mighty impressive scores, which you will be able to see in the upcoming video shortly. The device is Micromax’s first attempt in the Rs. 15,000+ handset market and it seems like Micromax choose the right device. The initial impressions with the speaker and the video playback were impressive. The “Intelligent Illumination” camera was also fast to focus and click pictures even in dim lighting. The price of the phone is expected around the 18-19K mark ,but we are hoping for a drop soon after launch.

Check out our flurry of first hands on images below, and stay tuned for the complete video after the break.


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  • Sandeepthorve

    saw @ market 22,000/- in mumbai.         

  • Dehunk

    lol d design is a copy of a chinese phone. google K-Touch W700. Micromax are bloody loosersssssss.

  • http://www.cricket-365.tv/ Live Cricket

    This phone looks great. Micromax is doing a great job

  • Aroni Crap

    Can you do a multi touch test on this device? Cause low price indian androids often fail in that part… Does it have a 4 point touch or just 2 points?

    • Somdeepmoitra

      it has four touch points..

  • Ankit

    micromax should work on thier sound quality with headphones as it is worst in their most mobiles……………hope it is better in this model……………………

  • Gopikrishna

    Superb dude …… TY

  • Sunder 2727

    micromax should provide an upgrade to gingerbread as well..

    • Pablo

      it is providing bro.. just go through the bharat’s video there will be the GB update may come in this year’s end…

  • Sunder 2727

    the phone is quite decent with latest configuration but iw would be worth investing money only if the interface is good as well…
    micromax should concentrate on this aspect as well..

  • Arijit Das12

    Please give a review on SPICE MI 350

  • Pablo

    what about the wifi bharat……. is it still weak like the one in the previous android models.. a60 and a70

  • Vigneshwaran

    Why’d they still stick with froyo on such an amazing device? But I’m gonna get my hands on this anyways.. Cool product from Indian Company!

  • Suyash91

    can anyone tell when is the samsung galaxy w launching in india………

  • Amigo

    see you add video to the tags when you actually do add a video. 

  • Gopikrishna

    Video ASAP PLease… :( 

  • Wahid_d786

    Im waiting for its full review or unboxing of the phone from you bharatji and another thing is the interface its truly smooth like HTC or Samsung phones or sluggish like another cheap phones like spice which has CRAP interface .