Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Review

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Review

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Sony has been going strong with its Xperia lineup this year. With over 5-8 models released this year does  the company actually have what it takes to restructure the market with the right devices. Sony also Recently announced that it plans to buy-out the stake from Sony Ericsson (The Ericsson share) to call the company Sony mobile. The Neo V is an example of what Sony stands for, lets find out whether it delivers to the sony image or not.


Build Quality and Hardware

The Neo V is exceptionally well built with great overall hardware design, and brilliant paint finish. the device feels like a luxury car parked right in the palm of your hand. A curvaceous back and a glossy paint finish make you feel special that you hold this device. There is no shake or rattle from this device and it delivers a robust experience while you fiddle around with the tactile buttons and great structure.

In terms of Hardware the Neo V has a great set check out the total specs:

Price 20,000 /- MRP
Frequency GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900; HSDPA 900 / 2100; HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
Phone Style


OS Android 2.3.5
Thickness 13 mm
Length 116 mm 
Width 57 mm


Built-in Memory 1GB ; RAM 512
Additional Memory microSD up to 32GB
High-speed Data GPRS, HSDPA
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, A-GPS
Screen Size 3.7-inches, 854 x 480 pixels
Secondary Screen Size N/A
Screen Colours 16 million
Camera Yes
Camera Resolution 5 megapixel with upto 16x zooming; Front VGA camera
Flash Yes
Ringtones Polyphonic, MP3, Truetone
Music Player Yes
GPS Gps + aGPS
Radio Yes
Speaker Yes
Processor 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255
Internet Yes
Browser HTML
Games Yes
Battery Talk time: Up to 7 hrs on 3G and 6hours 55 minutes on 2G, Standby time up to 430 hrs on 3G and 400 hrs on 2G


Multimedia, Display and Camera

The device has a brilliant display with a Mobile Bravia engine, which ensures super smooth video playback. The Device however has only a 1GHZ single core processor which is somewhat of a let down for the price bracket. Coming back to the screen which is a 3.7 inch 854 x 480 px display which offers superior ppi for the size of the display, that makes images and videos look good and text look crisp.

Video playback is well supported over almost all available formats and scrubbing through video does not pixellate or mismatch audio. Audio is loud and clear and the device performs well in all aspects of the Multimedia field.

The camera has a 5 MP XMOR R sensor, which makes images look good even in low light. We however found video to be jittery with 720p at 30fps underperforming the label. Images were also decent but poor compared to those from similar camera of competitors. Overall a decent camera with a bunch of effects and software camera shake reduction, which may or may not impress you depending on where you come from (previous device).

Phone Messaging and Internet

 The phone quality and network stability were solid, no dropped calls in 2 weeks of testing. 3G however was not as stable as we wanted and kept jumping from H to 3G to E. The sound and volume of it were clear and loud and  we were quite impressed with it. Internet can be bothersome on the go when you shift from tower to tower, the phone takes about a minute to reset the data connection. On wifi however there is no problem. 

The onboard keyboard is stock and therefore can be replaced easily with many from the marketplace. The typing experience is great thanks to the highly responsive screen.

The Device also supports the Wifi Hotspot feature which allows you to make the device into a portable router. Which is a convenient feature available in most Androids today, the difference here lies that the Neo V does not drain out of its battery like a dripping plastic bag. It sustains power management within the Wifi hotspot mode and offers extended usage.


The battery life on the Neo V was impressive swell with a longer talk time than mentioned in the spec sheet we were impressed

  • 9 Hours on 2G
  • 7.5 Hours on 3G
  • 8 Hours Wifi Browsing
  • 4 hours 3G browsing
  • 4 Hours Wifi Hotspot (3 devices connected)
  • 24 Hours of Music Playback
  • 5 Hours of Video



The device is an expensive representation of devices like the Xperia Mini Pro, but offer a different form factor with slightly different specs. The battery life was immense and we were happy with it. The power management is great and handles most features brilliantly. The sealed Bravia display is a delight for those with love for mobile video and multimedia. The speakers and sound is crisp and loud from all areas and impressive overall. The device is a great phone and a nice looking one at that

We rate it 4/5

Unboxing Video


Review Video 

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  • Kankhua

    Hi Guys…Can you tell me what is the SAR value for this phone. Samsung and Nokia mentions SAR Value on its Manual but Sony discontinued giving in their manuals and also in website.

  • Aarjav 01jain

    does it has voice calling

  • Amolkhedkar7

    and the video review never came

    • Revanth

       Video is awesome.. just record it and play it back u wl get the HD viewing experience in ur hands

  • tia

    can you tell me which one is good, se x-neo v or samsung galaxy w?

  • FT

    how can i install apps directly to memory card?

  • Arunlal T A

    can u help me in buying an android smartphone, my budget is below confused with Neo V & samsung galaxy SL 4gb..pls.

    • Dakshmalhotra

      both used cheap plastic cover…better to go for some metallic touch.

  • Neeraj Sajivan

    The internal memory of Xperia Neo V is only 320 MB….is it enough for installing apps or games bcoz some of the game sizes are above 500-700 MB….I knw it can be transferred to SD card but is it installed in phone memory first and then transferred to SD card??Will low internal memory stop me from installing apps and games??
    I really wanna buy this phone and internal memory is the only barrier stopping me from buying this.
    Kindly help

    • Revanth

      If the game size is morethan internal storage… it will ask ur permission to install directly in SD card.

  • Saran

    which one should i go for??…Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V or Blackberry 9360 Curve  

    pls help….

  • Raw Sun

    hey reviewer can you plz help me….galaxy r or neo v , which one should i go for?? asap pls.

  • Deviakshay076

    plz give me full review of se xperia neo V

  • Yogesh19921

    wrong information this device runs android 2.3.4 and not 2.3.5

    • Bansal Saksham952

      It has already got an upgrade for android 2.3.5. And will soon get an update for 4.0 ICS

  • Harry2cool2rule

    hi friends, i want to buy Neo V but i read that it has prob of auto restart ….

    so my question is that is that true or no ??
    if yes then is there any solution to it ??
    Please help….

  • smhrizvi

    how is sunlight legibility of the phone?

  • jigar patel

    how to use video call sony neo-v please send information to my mail id

  • Chandu9013

    Would be great if a review is made with xperia ray and galaxy w as  they are potential competetors to neo v at the moment

  • Is Xperia Arc better in performance than Neo V???

  • Kaushik_knock

    Tell me plz!!
     Where did you get Sony Ericsson Neo V at 15600 price?

  • M Alamdar9

    neo v or neo or Samsung wave 2 s8530?plzzzzz suggest me?

    • Vinaysharma221991

      neo v if u want android

      • M Alamdar9

        other wise?

  • M Alamdar9

    hhi guys,
    i wanna buy android phone in budget of 20,000 INR.
    Which one is best?

    • Suhaaschitturi

      Galaxy S [;

  • Gpm

    hi guys,
    i wanna buy anroid phone in budget of 10,000 INR.
    Which one is best?

  • nickaustin

    confused b/w neoV and defy+   any comments?…..

    only draw back i see in neoV is low internal memory….

    and one noobish question….can i install apps directly to memory card [in which case above mentioned problem is not a problem any more :D]

    • Vinaysharma221991

      NEO  V  DUDE  ITS  THE  BEST……


    • Hs09999

      neither of both becaz both have low prs speed as wel wifi speed ….so my opinion is to go for sony ericsson xperia mini pro……………..itz a fast phone which has bravia mobile engine which enhances graphics of phone it has same fratures of neo v but has a fast wifi and gprs download and upload speed….so go for it        ….also it is a compact phone……….as if whole world lie in ur phone

  • Yourwisherwell

    bad review with lot of wrong info about phone.. please hav some guys who knw the technicality ..
    phone dont hav… eXmor sensor nor its price r nt whats printed on box… it cost just 17000 which is best for 1GHz and this spec phone… n many ppl claiming they borught it for 16k also on other sites too…
    keep the quality n correct info plz

  • patelakash

    I read that the sony ericsson neo v gets heated and automatically restart  while using.. Is that true ??Please any one reply

  • Bon

    sorry guys..its actually available for 16.7K…;)

    • Vinaysharma221991

      frm where u confirmed that

  • Bon

    It costs 17.5K not 20K like mentioned…

  • Akhilesh Arora

    Please suggest me…should i go for Sony Ericsson Neo V or Motorola Defy+…which one is better in terms of UI, Music and Camera…
    And plz upload the full review video of both the phones as soon as possible…

    • Vinaysharma221991

      neo v for sure

    • Vinaysharma221991

      for full review of neo v go to youtube

  • lee

    i just want to noe~ does tis phone has multi-touch funtion ?

    • Saikoli5

      YES IT IS

  • Vinaysharma221991

    sir plz upload the full review video iam waiting from last 4 days……….plz

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    HI All,

    I’m confused to go with Samsung Galaxy SL9003 or Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V.. Can any one suggest..

    • Vinaysharma221991

      i think u should go with xperia neo v because it has more features than galaxy sl…and the main thing is that neo v will get ics update whereas sl will not……….

  • Ishvaryaa

    I read that the sony ericsson neo v gets heated while using.. Is that true ?? can u pls mention abt that in your review video..

  • sandeepkar Gurram

    can u plzz suggest me for which one shud i hav to go for in b/w  of  Xperia Ray nd Xperia neo V

    • Vinaysharma221991

      if u want better camera then go with ray otherwise neo v is the best….and now the price of neo v is RS15600.

      • Chetant79

        Neo v at Rs 15600/-….from where?

      • Chetant79

        Where did you get it at this price? I want to buy too.

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        where it is available in 15 k?????????

  • Amipearl99

    hey… you guys undertaking adult advertisement here. please take action!!!