Galaxy Nexus Priced at US$ 750, India Price?

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Galaxy Nexus Priced at US$ 750, India Price?

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The Galaxy Nexus got priced at a whopping US $ 750 which equals way over 35,poo Indian, to be a bit more precise, somewhere in the 37,500 mark. Does this mean a mass slaughter for hopes of all aiming to buy the galaxy Nexus? 

The device has been on the Holiday wish-list of many a folk since the day it was announced. A price that high would really diminish expectant sales of the Galaxy Nexus. If Samsung India really wants to capture the market with this Google Phone then trust us Sammy, a price close to 30,000 would win a lot of Indian Hearts. We are no experts when it comes to market analysis (or are we) But Samsung has already flooded the field of opportunity with the S2 and the Note, now the higher price Nexus would just mean poor sales throughout.

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  • If you get the Galaxy Nexus from UK, is the warranty valid in India?

    • Obviously not… unless you ship it from a Samsung Store in UK (provided it has an international warranty)

  • Rocks777

    No big deal.. this happens with most phones.. released for 35k,40k and will be sold for 20k,25k after 6-8 months & then discontinued from the market. samsung note is already down to 28-29k from 35k in less than a month..same old story..

  • Manas Kumar

    If it’s 35-40k, I am never going to have Galaxy Nexus. S2 still is a better option as it is slated to get ICS. Samsung should not do another Apple to India. I don’t know why they prices 4s ridiculously at 45k, even Siri won’t be working in India.  

    • Krunal Thacker

      Manas,I had the S2 and the only gripe i had with it was touchwiz . Samsung will not give ICS to S2 until S3 has been released and made lot of sales. i am getting my Galaxy Nexus from the UK for 38k with shipping .