AMD 7nm Navi Graphics Cards Will Release In Q3 Of 2019

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AMD 7nm Navi Graphics Cards Will Release In Q3 Of 2019

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American Multinational Semiconductor Company, AMD has confirmed that the highly anticipated Navi Graphics Cards will make their way into the market in the third quarter of 2019. Along with upcoming GPUs, the company is also reported to unveil the first Zen 2 architecture based CPUs. The aforementioned information was revealed following AMD’s latest financial figures which were leaked previously.

The Navi GPU chip will be manufactured using 7nm fabrication technology. AMD will initially release mid-range models for the same, which are speculated to be the Navi 10 GPUs. Further iterations, including the more powerful Navi 20 graphics cards will be launched later in the year 2020, reports state. The Navi 20 series graphics cards will go up against NVIDIA’s more powerful GPUs, such as the RTX 2080 and RTX 2070. 

AMD’s Upcoming Big Revelations

The company has also hinted towards some big chunks of information regarding the upcoming GPUs that will be revealed at the Computex Keynote in May 2019. However, since rumours are stating that the 7nm Graphics Cards will be launched on 7/7, or the 7th Of July, AMD might just limit the information reveal to a tease regarding the GPUs. This falls in line with their recent announcement of the Navi Cards release in the third quarter. 

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As mentioned previously, AMD will also unveil its first Zen 2-based 7nm processor in the same quarter, which is codenamed “Rome”. They will comprise of second-gen EPYC chips, which will be targeted towards heavyweight data handling and server management. AMD’s move towards 7nm based components can be a power-move for the company. Since NVIDIA released the budget-friendly yet powerful GTX 1660 Ti GPU, AMD’s new Navi 10 cards will have to gain ground here in order to go up against the former graphics card. 

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