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Autogyaan: Audi’s beast.. The RS5

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The Audi RS5  is the sports coupe version of the A5 andthe successor of the Audi RS4, a two-door Rally Sports Coupe, which has been tuned and designed for pure sports. Pitted against the BMW M3, The car features a new front splitter design apart from the Audi Goatee grill and bigger air intakes.  A Techno fare in the rear spoiler opens up after reaching a certain speed limit to aid stability. The car offers three modes of operation, comfort, auto and dynamic. The RS5 adjusts its steering wheel, sport differentials, engine, dynamic ride control, shift points in the gearbox and tunes up the exhaust system according to the mode selected there are adjustments for ride comfort and driving dynamics. The RS5 also features a integrated boot lid spoiler that automatically deploys above 120 km/h.

The RS5 weighs 4000 pounds, with 56.3 percent at the front and 43.7 in the rear which makes it prone to understeer, however Audi has added two electro-mechanical systems to counter its nose-heaviness. The stability-control system attempts to stop front-end plow before it happens by squeezing the brakes on the inside wheels which effectively drag those tires enough to pull the car into the corner. The RS5 also has an active rear differential that can apportion power between the rear wheels to create a similar effect, or even oversteer, in normal conditions, quattro all-wheel drive delivers 60 percent of the engine’s torque rearward and rising to as much as 85 percent depending on conditions

The Audi RS5 comes loaded with Adaptive light including Xenon headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED rear lights, headlight washer system and automatic range adjust as factory fitments. The Audi RS5 has an Auto-opening boot lid to enhance the convenience to load and unload stuff. The RS5 has the wing mirrors that are electrically operated and can be heated during rainy conditions. Matt-finish aluminium wing mirror housings, window trims and grille are all laid on to the RS5 to give it the Rally look and feel. A Special RS5 body styling with monograms on the front and the rear give a special recognition to this car. Not forgetting the twin oval exhausts that are ornamental as well as practical use.

The Audi RS5 comes with a special Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) Suspension system that digitally sets the suspension set up to the desired preset inputs as suited for the drive. Braking of the Audi RS5 is taken care by the advanced Hi-performance system that includes ceramic brake pads working on 6 piston calipers for a reassuring stopping. Designed and developed as a rally car the handling on theRS5 is very similar to that of a rally coupe. The car can corner the toughest of bends and handle bad roads and a bit of off roads basically due to its hard suspension setup and ground clearance.

It is one of the safest cars to drive in. Packed with 8 air bags, advanced seatbelts, side impact bars, crumple zones, crash sensors, neck protection and head rest. One could enjoy a fast-paced ride while feeling safe at a price of Rs.77 lacs ex-showroom.

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