Kapil Sibal aims to control Social Media

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Kapil Sibal aims to control Social Media

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Bye bye democracy and welcome communism, India is heading the China way, as Kapi Sibal contacts Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft in order to control the content that is rolled into free space, demanding they ban material that could incite tensions on the subcontinent.  This all happened after his team spotted a group criticizing Sonia Gandhi on Facebook.

Wow talk about talking everything personally!


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  • kabir

    congress is making this country and its people go back to stone age and listen to wat ur dictator mr sibbala and miss soniyyaa has to say……..its our country not some forgien citizen’s country so its our duty to save it from the hands of these ppl////jai hind

  • Suraj

    We won’t let that happen. What are we, idiots? He’ll come n take away freedom and are we going to take it the way we did some 200 years back when British ruled us? Time for a slap!!

  • Subrat Kumar Mallick

    watch-out for slaps kapil sibal

  • Guest

    No Commnets from anyone?? Very Strange.. Might be Mr. Sibbal have chinese mentality atlease please react tech savvies if you are also not china born….