HP insiders claim , HP WebOS devices were doomed before launch

The operating system that hogged maximum limelight, WebOS is now due for another controversy. Ex-Palm employees and current HP folks feel that HP’s Palm and WebOS acquisition was a failure bound to happen.

When Palm initially made the operating system, they had a clear picture in mind, the operating system to be based on common Web technology, WebKit. The idea was to make it easy to create software for the device, which Palm hoped would attract programmers to make WebOS apps. But that was not the end result.

just weren’t able to execute such an ambitious and breakthrough designPerhaps it never could have been executed, because the technology wasn’t there yet.

-Paul Mecer, former senior director of software at Palm

Unnamed HP employees have also passed such statements saying : “there were neither the right leaders nor the right engineers to do the job.”

Developers believe that WebOS is an interesting Operating system and one of the best out there. Its a good thing HP finally decided to OpenSource the bad-boy OS.