LG Also Patents A Smartphone With Invisible Selfie Camera, Could Launch Soon

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LG Also Patents A Smartphone With Invisible Selfie Camera, Could Launch Soon

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Innovation in the field of smartphones is at an all-time high. In order to increase the screen-to-body ratio on handsets, OEMs have shrunken the bezels around the display. However, this move leads to the dilemma of finding a position to accommodate the selfie camera and the earpiece. 

As seen on several smartphones, the manufactures have embedded the earpiece in the top bezel which is considerably easy to attain. Apart from this, companies like Samsung and Motorola have developed smartphones that have a punch hole in the display that houses the selfie camera.

LG smartphone Invisible Selfie CameraEven though this strategy has allowed solving the original difficulty, a punch hole in the display is clearly an obstruction which has prevented users from across the globe to accept this as a mainstream design preference. 

Nonetheless, taking this innovation a step further, smartphone manufacturers have been developing invisible under-display camera. A handful of companies that already previewed devices with this feature include Oppo and Xiaomi.

Not long ago, Korean smartphone maker, LG had filed a patent with KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) which indicates that it is also developing a smartphone with invisible selfie camera technology which sounds promising.LG smartphone Invisible Selfie Camera

The patent granted to the company shows two different illustrations, out of which, the first one exhibits a smartphone with an edge to edge display without any punch hole. But the second illustration reveals when the camera application is toggled, the selfie camera manifests itself which stays concealed under the display.

Unfortunately, the patent granted to LG does not reveal any fine details like the features, name or specs of the handset. It is assumed that the technology that will be developed with this device will be incorporated in future smartphones made by LG.

In order to gain more details about the LG smartphone, we will have to wait patiently until the company publicises concrete information about it. 

LG smartphone Invisible Selfie Camera

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Nonetheless, the company was granted the patent a couple of months ago, therefore, we believe that a commercially available handset from LG with this feature could launch soon. 

What are your thoughts on a handset with an invisible selfie camera? Let us know in the comments below.


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