Xiaomi Announces Digital Drawing Tablets With 365 Days Battery Life

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Xiaomi Announces Digital Drawing Tablets With 365 Days Battery Life

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Except for smartphones and televisions, Xiaomi offers a wide variety of products ranging from electric scooters to shavers. The company has freshly announced a Digital Drawing tablet under its Mijia brand which is currently being crowdfunded in China. 

The new device is developed to reduce paper waste and is aimed towards replacing a conventional paper notebook which cannot be reused. 

Xiaomi Mijia Digital Drawing Tablet Features
Xiaomi Digital Drawing Tablet

The new device is offered in two different screen sizes which include 10-inch and 13.5-inch. While the former weighs just 195 g, the latter is a considerably hefty and it weighs 345 g. Just to clarify, they don’t feature a conventional display found on smartphones instead it has an LCD made out of ABS which can only show one colour that is green.

Noteworthy, both models of the Mijia LCD Blackboard have a display that does not emit any sort of blue light which can lead to visual fatigue during prolonged usage. Therefore, they make an appropriate choice of children who are starting to learn drawing and writing. 

Equally important, they ship with a plastic stylus that resembles a pencil and they have a circular button in the bottom bezel which can be used to clear the illustrations or writings on the display. 

Both the variants of the Mijia drawing tablet are powered by a button cell which can easily be replaced once they have been exhausted. Notably, Xiaomi claims that it can provide a backup of 365 days if the clear function is used 100 times every day. 

Xiaomi Mijia Digital Drawing Tablet Price
Xiaomi Digital Drawing Tablet

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As previously mentioned, both the variants are currently offered on a crowdfunding website that is operated by Xiaomi. The price of the two variants is as follows:

  • 10 inch- CNY 49 (around Rs 500)
  • 13.5 inch- CNY 79 (around Rs 800)

What are your thoughts on the latest offerings from Xiaomi? Would you buy it the company launches them in India? Let us know in the comments below.

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