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Nokia Lumia 800 Review

Lumia 800 is Nokia’s first foray into their strategic alliance with Microsoft, to partner and bring forth a range of devices with Nokia’s name and Microsoft’s new Baby OS – Windows Phone 7.5. The device comes in at a premium price and seems to be dwindling in terms of market capping, Here is our Review :


Build Quality

The N9 never made it to India, or the US for that matter, looks like Nokia used the exact same hardware and decided to switch the OS. The build quality has to be good, since its a die cast unibody polycarbonate shell. No loose ends or removable covers and a solid in-hand feel. The front has a curved gorilla glass display that not only looks good, but will last a long time with the shell. The top door for the power/data cable seems to be a bit of a bother. But should not be a big problem if carefully operated.



Price Rs. 29,990/-
Frequency Quad Band
Phone Style

Curved glass, 3.7″ touchscreen, smooth one-piece body

Thickness 12.1mm  
Length 116.5mm
Width 61.2mm


Built-in Memory

16 GB mass memory (no slot for micro-SD cards)

High-speed Data GPRS, 3G, HSDPA
Connectivity Bluetooth 3, USB, Wi-Fi b/g/n, A-GPS
Screen Size  3.7-inches 480x800px, Curved Gorilla Glass 
Secondary Screen Size N/A
Screen 16 million colors, ClearBlack – Super Amoled
Camera Yes
Camera Resolution 8 megapixels / 720p video
Flash Yes, dual LED

Radio Yes, with RDS

Battery  1450 mAh, 13hrs talktime on 2G and 9.5hrs on 3G; 55 hrs of music play


Display and Multimedia

The Nokia Lumia 800 has a Super Amoled Display which has something called clear black technology. This makes the color reproduction deep and blacks really – Black. The phone is however  difficult to read outdoors and does not fare well at all under sunlight. The display indoors is bright and vivid and makes using the device a good experience. Watching movies and playing games will be enjoyed a lot due to Clearblack . 

The sound quality is decent but not as loud or great as we expected from Nokia. The speaker is at the bottom of the device and hence, may hinder usage. The location of the speaker also makes holding the device difficult with both hands while playing games, because the sound keeps getting muffled. 

The phone has an inbuilt FM with RDS and also has the capability of streaming movies from Youtube, and other online sites . The phone can also stream internet radio with the help of many apps from the Windows Marketplace.

The camera on the Lumia is an 8 MP camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, don’t go by the fancy naming, image quality is nowhere near Nokia cameras we have seen in the past. The camera is quick to shoot , but color reproduction is poor and white balance is all over the place. You do have manual settings, but if you wanted manual settings you would buy an dSLR, right? Video quality is as good a 720p can be, but light needs to be plentiful to get good video. Forget shooting indoors with this if you have mere tube lights illuminating the area. The included flash is decently bright and serves its purpose well. We hoped for a 1080p capability, who knows maybe Nokia can unlock it in a future OS update.

The device is missing a front facing camera, which is available in phones as cheap as In Rs. 7000. Even the much cheaper Omnia W has a front camera, So why not Lumia 800?

Phone and Messaging.

The Network connectivity was strong throughout our tests and we literally faced no issues like dropped calls or voice breakage. The phone did its fair share of talking and was steady throughout. Connectivity to the internet was buggy, it played nice on Airtel and Vodafone but was off and on on MTNL and Idea. 

The Lumia 800 has Windows Phone OS hence, according to iGyaan, has the best possible touchscreen keyboard. The keyboard is fast and intuitive and the popping sound that comes when you type a key is calmly reassuring. The keyboard is a joy to use , so is mailing and messaging on the device. The Lumia 800 also seamlessly connects with your Facebook and Twitter, it also updates your social streams from the ME live tile.


Internet , Gaming and Battery Life

The internet browser – IE – is a really fast and responsive mobile browser. It loads up all types of content with the exception to certain scrips and of course Flash. Web browsing is a breeze,  pinch to zoom and panning is as great as on a full-sized PC. 

Games play wonderfully on the Lumia 800, the processor and RAM are ample enough to handle all sorts of games available in the WP7 marketplace. No laggings or crashing during gameplay, its smooth sailing all the way, you can also hold down on the back button to pause your game real time while you attend to other things such as messages and mail. Then return to exactly where you were in your game.

Battery life on the Lumia 800 was difficult to actually calculate, Ranging from as much as 5 hours of talk time to as low as 3.5 hours on the talk time segment. Standby time was also erratic with the phone staying on successfully for upto 3 days sometime and sometimes only a day. We fear its due to the erratic data connectivity and transfer bug in WP7.5, which has not yet been fixed.

The one thing that we would like to mention is that the device is missing certain things from the mix, including Internet Tethering, which is a Windows Phone Mango standard, Nokia somehow decided that it wasn’t useful enough for the buyer. 


While The Nokia Lumia 800 is a great device, with excellent construction, great specs, and a brilliant OS, with Nokia’s custom apps ( watch video) . It has a brilliant screen but a sub-value camera at the back. The phone is also missing a front camera, which would allow video calls. The phone seems priced a bit high for what all it offers to the consumer. Hopefully the price comes down and the users can get a bang for their buck and the trustworthy Nokia name.

We Rate it 3.5/5

Price Rs. 29,990/-


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