Galaxy Nexus Launch in India Delayed to Feb 20th : Update delayed further ?

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Galaxy Nexus Launch in India Delayed to Feb 20th : Update delayed further ?

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Exclusive news coming in for iGyaan, As per various sources including some top level executives at Samsung, we have been able to confirm that the much awaited Galaxy Nexus will not be coming to India in January. Although confirmed reports of the handsets being available in warehouses of the company. For some reason Samsung is not selling the devices just as yet.

The Galaxy Nexus is expected  to be launched on Feb 20th 2012, availability should follow soon after. The Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to officially get ICS out of the box, but is the last phone to arrive to India in the recent times.

The phone features a impressive spec list, plus excellent features including Android Beam, Face unlock, Siri type voice dictation. The Nexus has a 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.65 inch curved Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. 

The device has been more than well awaited, so much so, that it may actually be too late for the device to hit India. With the rumors of a Galaxy S3 abound MWC 2012, we can only hope the Indian consumer still wants a 6 month old phone. The pricing on this phone rumored to hit Rs. 30,000 during launch, although we have personally seen packaged boxes with a price of Rs. 27,000/- . It is said that these phones were brought in the initial lot, before pricing was revised.

The booking form for registration, has been up on for some time, hopefully not for much longer.

Stay tuned for updates.

Update :

The news of the Galaxy Nexus launch has been bothersome to a lot of people, especially those looking forward to buying one. There are several claims for the Nexus and we are unable to get a official quote from the company as to why its taking so long.

According to our sources, the company has got the stocks of the Nexus, but is speculating even placing the product in the market due to forex fluctuations. It could be possible that Samsung never launches the Galaxy Nexus in India (oh the disappointment), on the flip side : first week of March also seems like a probability. 

We will get an update by the end of the week.

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  • Balvinder Singh

     So whats the latest update ?  The week has been over since long.

    Whats the probable date and what price range is it expected to be in?

  • Khushal Mistry

    Samsung is keep saying that galaxy nexus will be available in march. dear Samsung witch month is running now? we need date now not a month pls.

  • SuyashSrijan

    We will get an update by the end of the week.”


  • Khushal Mistry

    same on you Samsung you are not eligible for telling world about that you are NO-1 in India, sorry but my opinion you are so selfsame of India. 

  • Khushal Mistry

    Dear friends my words about galaxy s2 is going right today i call samsung marketing person, and news i got is very very disappointing me. he says that Samsung is not taking care about NEXUS but its only need galaxy s2 sales number, so Samsung has stock of s2 around 4,00,000 unit in India so until they clear all stock of  s2 they will not release nexus in India. so its like taking more a month or so we will not getting nexus available till April. so i m going to buy iPhone on HOLI and what about you my friends. pls tell me

  • as the above information about galaxy nexus the first week of march has been completed it seems like the Samsung people are not interested in supplying the galaxy nexus in the Indian market.its like disappointment  for Indian people. 

  • Khushal mistry

    friends i think Samsung much focus on s2 sales (for compare with 4s). so i think they will not release nexus until s2 get ICS 4.0. so my opinion wait until s2 get ICS and then after galaxy nexus will available.

  • Adi

    hey.. i want to buy a new android phone( atmost 32k bucks).. i wanted to get this one but its not out yet.. so wat do i do now? which phone should i buy?

  • Sizzlingsaumye

    Nexus available on ebay :)

  • Keshi Bond

    When will be othet phones of samsung will get ics….galaxy r.

    • Khushal Mistry


  • Adi

    so the 20th gone.. no galaxy nexus news.. n the wait is still on

  • Khushal mistry

    so i dont get any news from samssung tomorrow(20-02-2012)  :( 
     so still waiting waiting waiting 

  • Ramit

    so is it coming tomorrow ? or your sources dint turn out to be reliable enough ?

  • NinadC

    Wow thanks for the awesome news waiting for that device like from ages !

  • Ankit from Tech4smart

    yaaaa galaxy nexus i will take it as soon as it launch !