Micromax Tablet plans leak – 7inch capactiive

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Micromax Tablet plans leak – 7inch capactiive

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Micromax has started developing a nice and portable tablet that could be the envy of other tablet manufacturers in India. From the information available the tablet is a 7 inch monster with a nice resolution display and a set of specs to rival global manufacturers.

Specs include :

  • 1 GHz Dual Core CPU 
  • 1 GB of Ram
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1
  • Wifi only
  • Mini USB port
  • HDMI Out
  • 3D Vision capabilities

Apart from the above information there is news that the tablet will be launched before the 15th of March and will be manufactured in India. Sources close to iGyaan tell us that the tablet will come with add ons including optional docks and cases, smart pens and accessories that can be bought separately but will be available to the device exclusively.

Our source was able to tell us that the tablet will be priced at about Indian Rupees 14,000 and will come bundled with a a mini USB to USB cable and a 3G dongle capable of making calls and accessing the internet to make the device access data on the go. No information is known of the storage capacity but the device will also have an expansion slot of some sort.


More info when we get it.

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  • Vijayshimla

    They will buy some junk from China for $  80 and try to flog the same for 14000- only fools will buy it.

  • Yogesh

    Micromax price & specification will be awesome w.r.t. Indian costumer needs…. 

  • Mandeep Hunjan

    there was a time when a70 was launched it made company a huge sucess ! But not releasing kernel source for their phones made their image very very bad . And now a70 users are able to make further development with this phone .

    They are releasing tablet with such good specs but .. Then again no src code hence no further devlopment !
    Imo stay away from this brand if you are a developer .

    • Mandeep Hunjan

      sorry i mean a70 users are not able to make further development .

    • Anamika

       Isn’t releasing Kernel source a requirement for Android?

  • Rawat Dhruv14

    they don’t even provide software update and support so why to waste money 

  • waste table from a worst company