New iPad 3 Gen 18

The new Apple iPad 3 Launches in India – Less fanfare and stocks – starting 30,500/-

Apple has officially launched the new iPad in India, with the usual no nonsense campaign the iPads were in low stock throughout the Apple retail stores and most people weren’t even aware of the availability.

Since we already got our iPad before hand you can check out the Unboxing video above and stay tuned for a full review.

As far as the price list in concerned:

iPad Wi-Fi only

  • 16GB –  Indian Rupee symbol.svg30,500
  • 32GB – Indian Rupee symbol.svg 36,500
  • 64GB –  Indian Rupee symbol.svg 42,500

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G

  • 16GB – Indian Rupee symbol.svg38,900
  • 32GB –Indian Rupee symbol.svg44,900
  • 64GB –Indian Rupee symbol.svg50,900



  • NilaySingh
  • mrinalisonline

    Why buy iPad 3 when you can get iPad mini for around 329 $,,
    Finally the rumours were true about apple new product Apple iPad Mini . Today (23 oct 2012) apple announced the official release of smaller lighter and yes cheaper version of iPad ie Apple iPad Mini. find out what’s new and different in ipad mini