Already jumped on the dual sim Android bandwagon with a 1 GHz processor? Then you must be sporting one of these bad boys, The Karbonn A9 and Spice Mi425 essentially have the same set of hardware underneath. So they end up with the same rooting process.

A XDA-Dev forum user by the name of “fonehacker” has been able to root his Karbonn A9 and has passed along the information in the threads. All other users have then been able to successfully root their devices including Spice Mi425s with the process. 

If you are sporting either of the two and feeling the urge to get root access into your Android phone, then use the process at your own risk. We are yet to test the process, and see no real advantage from it as of now. Hit the link below to try it out for yourself, be warned rooting might lead to warranty termination.