Today Crytek released a trailer that serves as a preview of Crysis 3‘s graphics and the capabilities of their proprietary tech CryEngine 3. It’s pretty much porn for you video game artists out there. 

The in-game footage is probably from a high-end PC. While the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Crysis 3 will be easy on the eyes, it seems unlikely they’d be capable of this level of quality. Look at it as a preview of next-gen consoles’ potential, I guess. 

Tesselated vegetations, displacement mapping and real-time volumetric cloud shadows are among the features touted in the trailer. I understand about half of those words. The video seems to be targeted at fellow developers. Fortunately purty graphics are easy to decode even if the tech jargon isn’t. 

Crysis 3 is due in February of next year.