AutoGyaan: Honda may introduce CNG powered City

Honda is likely to introduce a CNG variant of the City.  According to a report from the economic times, changes to this model will be a strengthened suspension to accommodate the weight of the gas tank in the boot, modifications to the engine and an altered instrument cluster.   

The introduction of a CNG powered city is being seen as a move to get back in the game which it lost to companies like Hyundai and Volkswagen due to non-availability of diesel models in its range.  This model will also fall in line with Honda’s goals of eco-friendly motoring.  

Providing a CNG variant will also ensure that those buying the car will not have to go through the hassles and extra cost of modifying it to cope with the extra load, worry about wearing out of parts due to the corrosive nature of CNG, loss of warranty and most importantly re-registering the car with the RTO’s as is the case with most aftermarket kits.  The CNG variant is likely to cost Rs 50,000-60,000 more than the petrol powered city and can be expected by October.