IFA: Logitech UE rolls out new wave of headphones and wireless speakers

Logitech UE branding officially goes large with the introduction of seven new audio products. Among the new models are two mobile Bluetooth speakers, three new headphones with memory foam cushions, a noise-isolating in-earphone with four-armature speakers in each earpiece, and the next evolution of the Squeezebox Radio powered by Logitech UE’s new mobile companion app.

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

The tough UE Mobile Boombox comes in lime, red, blue, black, and white and carries the unique ability to connect two devices at the same time.The Mobile Boombox can pair with up several devices at a time If you’ve already purchased last year’s model, there’s no need to upgrade  but if you’re in the market for a small sub-$100 Bluetooth speaker (with speakerphone), put this one on your short list. 



Logitech UE Boombox

The company has retooled the hardware from the ground up to support eight internal drivers and a sophisticated new appearance that should turn heads. Its sculpted construction, logical simplicity, and booming sound earn this device a solid recommendation for music lovers shopping for an audio solution to use in and out of the home.

Logitech UE Smart Radio

 The UE Smart Radio is essentially the same hardware device as SqueezeBox Radio , but the user interface has been updated. Similarly, a new Logitech UE Smart Radio Controller app for iOS and Android  devices will enable easy remote control over your Wi-Fi network. 


Logitech UE 400

The Logitech UE 4000 headphones are the smallest and most basic in terms of features out of the three new headphones debuting , but that’s not to say that they aren’t worth the $100. All three, including this model, include breathable memory foam cushions (yes, like the ones in your mattress and pillow sets), but this on-ear model also includes a separate headphone splitter with a keychain dongle attachment so you can share music with a friend or a soon-to-be friend without suffering through mono audio.

A microphone and navigation buttons sit near the top of the electric blue cable to complement your smartphone, and a zippered travel pouch provides some protection against the elements in your bag. 

Logitech UE 6000 Headphones

These are Logitech and Ultimate Ears’ answer to the trend of larger over-ear headphones with active noise-canceling technology. Priced at $200 retail, they’re much cheaper than the classic Beats by Dre. Studio headphones  but still feature a similar foldable design and breathable cushions.Logitech ships them with a generous two-year hardware warranty with replacements available if they break.

Logitech 9000 Wireless Headphones

The Logitech 9000 Wireless Headphones give both active noise-cancellation and wireless Bluetooth technology in one $399 headphone. Features include memory foam cushions with rotating joints for durability and comfort, Bluetooth wireless with the option of using an included cable for better fidelity or battery conversation, and active noise cancellation that filters out ambient noise.

The external earcups have buttons to control track navigation and volume as well as playback, and the partnership with Ultimate Ears means you’ll supposedly get audiophile sound quality with Logitech’s research and design.


Logitech UE 900 Headphones

Logitech UE 900 is the new flagship in the lineup, with four armature speakers driving each earpiece and three-way crossover.

The headphone includes two detachable, braided cables (one with a microphone and navigation controls, one without) to use in case one fails. You’ll get five silicone tips and three Comply-branded foam tips — with the eight different size and material options.

UE 900



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      karankalra ……if anybody know , ehen these ue 900 available to india legally through logitech then remind me.