Edit: A deeper look at the iPhone 5 Camera


If the iPhone 4S camera has to be put into a single word, it would be brilliant. The camera’s performance in our tests and reviews has performed exceedingly better than any other over-hyped camera out there.  So, it wasn’t a surprise when Tim Cook decided to not twitch the camera on the newly revealed iPhone5 and let the fantastic piece of work stay there for a while. 

The camera uses the 8-megapixel back-side illuminated sensor with a maximum still resolution of  3264 x 2448. The lens though now has five elements,  F/2.4 maximum aperture has been retained. It does, however, get a new sapphire crystal front element to protect the lens and hopefully fend off fingerprints and other pocket grime that tends to muck up pictures.

Cook says that they have made the image and video capture capabilities of the camera much better, touting it as a better performer. But rather than any drastic improvement in the camera itself, the improved performance rides more on the new A6 processor which is 1.6 times more efficient than the processor found on the 4S.

Videos on the rear camers are recorded in 1080P HD. The front camera received an update as well with 720P video capturing capability. Since the device is now LTE powered, it would support high quality video calls. But India might have to wait a bit to experience in India as we still explore the mystery behind the 2G spectrum auctions when the world is riding on 4G. The iPhone5 is expected to come out in the last week of October, and the 4G scenario is definitely not seeing a miracle happening till that time.

Amongst the new features is face detection mode, for tracking people during videos. A native Swipe Panorama mode, which creates ultra-wide, 28-megapixel panos with a simple camera movement. Cook claims two-stop improvement in low-light and uses spacial noise reduction.

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    Are you saying that the PureView camera of nokia 808 is over-hyped…… sure must a apple fan-boy and this looks like it is biased post……………….