GoDaddy Apologizes By Offering 30% Discount on Registration

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GoDaddy Apologizes By Offering 30% Discount on Registration

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GoDaddy apologized to customers whose websites were knocked offline Monday.

In an email, the company said it was offering one free month of service, 30% off, to its customers, including those who pay for web hosting.

[quote]”We let you down and we know it,” GoDaddy Chief Executive Scott Wagner said in the email. “I cannot express how sorry I am to those of you who were inconvenienced.”[/quote]

To get the credit, users have to click on a button within the email and must do so within seven days. It also doesn’t appear the email was sent to every GoDaddy customer.

GoDaddy, which hosts more than 5 million sites, suffered an outage Monday morning that began kicking offline many of the sites the company hosts as well as some of its web services. It wasn’t until Monday afternoon that GoDaddy put out a tweet saying most sites were back online.

Initially, hackers associated with the online activist group Anonymous took credit for the hack, but GoDaddy debunked those claims Tuesday, saying the outage was caused by internal problems.

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Ajit Komurlekar

lol customers should go to court :p advertising fun is happning here.. 30% off..