Imagine a light bulb that you can control with your phone, that switches on when you come home and off when you leave, that slowly dims the lights to an amber glow at night to lull you off to sleep, then brightens your bedroom instead of an alarm clock in the morning.

An Australian entrepreneur by the name of Phil Bosua has created such a thing using coloured LEDs, LIFX. Using the community seed funding website Kickstarter, he has already raised over $1.2 million AUD (nearly $1.3 million USD) to bring his idea into production, in just one week, with over half of that in the last 48 hours!

[quote]”So I started thinking with all the technology we’ve got today, surely there must be a better way. I mean it’s not like we get up to change the TV anymore, so why do we still do that with our lights? Six months and more than a dozen prototypes later, we’ve managed to create the world’s smartest energy efficient light bulb,” he said.[/quote]

LIFX Smartbulbs can be turned off and on and color of the glow can also be changed. One can control multiple bulbs and multiple locations from a single smartphone wirelessly.

These bulbs can be programmed to turn on when you arrive home and wake you up gradually glowing brighter.

One such bulb will cost $69 while a pair will cost $119 and four bulbs will be available in $196. Expected delivery for the LIFX smartbulb is March 2013.