iG Exclusive : iPhone 5 being launched in India Internally today – Available Oct 26th Rs.48,000 for 16GB

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iG Exclusive : iPhone 5 being launched in India Internally today – Available Oct 26th Rs.48,000 for 16GB

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That’s it folks you heard right Apple is holding a private internal event in NCR to launch the iPhone 5 in India. The Phone which will be next big thing for the diwali season will be launched internally with the product itself hitting shelves on Oct 26th 2012. 

The Price of the 16GB version is kept at Rs. 48000 in India, with increments going as high as 8000 per size increase. The new iPhone 5 is expected to do well in the country while Apple will also be launching special Apple care pricing for iPhone for those who want 2 years warranty instead of one.

So hang on to you greens because this s going to be an expensive month.

Update : and its final, the iPhone 5 will arrive Oct 26th for a price of Rs 45,499 for 16GB and Rs 50,999 for 32 GB. Carrier tie-ups and promotions will start early next week.

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  • amankatyal

    Hi Igyaan , we are still waiting for a positive confirmation of 26th oct release . only u have confirmed the same till date !!!!! 

  • Sameer Shah

    iphone sucks….. the same UI, the same look… yukkkk

  • ganeshsha1986

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mws

    if this info is corect i am ur fan     but 64gb price u not mention

  • indernagar627


  • Santosh Latti

    and iGyaan, Today morning i got the news that Karbonn released two handsets.., karbonn a21 and karbonn a9+
    These two phones got huge responces in online market..
    Have U released the unboxing review videos of these two phones?

  • Santosh Latti

    oh igyaan, thanks for this news.. Love u..

  • Manish Mukherjee Indias tech Portal plz answer to this query … a90 is better buy or a samsung galaxy s duos?? plz help!

  • Indias tech Portal try this one :)

  • Manish Mukherjee

    santosh i share your frame of mind. the other phone i am considering i samsung galaxy s duos.

  • Santosh Latti

    hello iGyaan,
    i watched your video about Micromax A90..
    I’ve 13000 rupees now., i’m plannin to buy this phone… Wats your openion??

  • suved12

    the price is not 48,000….it’s 64,990 for 16gb……..

  • GauravSampat

    Hi Bharat dats great news dat apple is finally launching their products quicker in India. But the cost factor still remains. I want to get the iphone 5 32gb but since its gonna be priced at roughly 56k. So can I purchase an iphone from Singapore or us factory unlocked where prices are marginally cheaper and will I get 1 year of international warranty and can I add the apple care plan to my phone procured from abroad but using in India. My main concern is warranty if I won’t get warranty if purchased from abroad then will have to give in to the high apple pricing.  What to do ??

    • amankatyal

      @GauravSampat apple does not give international warranty to Iphones .the warranty is limited to the country of purchase . It happened with me for my 4s .i had to get it replaced from usa .however , international warranty stands for all other apple products excluding i phone.

      • GauravSampat

        @amankatyal thanks for the info but I’m still hearing stuff dat if u purchase factory unlocked then u can avail international warranty and any idea about apple care plans for iphone ???

        • amankatyal

          @GauravSampat bro , my phone was a 4s factory unlocked purchased in jan2012 from us 649$.i am giving you a first hand experience.i had issues with my screen . i tried everything, but no apple store will entertain any phone from outside india .they have T&C which clearly state that warranty is limited to the country of origin . apple care is only an extended warranty for another year , it also gives you an option to upgrade your phone ,when the next model comes ,at a very nominal cost . So you are better off spending a bit extra and buying it from here only .unless there is a price difference of approx 8k , u must not take a risk for such a high end product.

        • @amankatyal @GauravSampat    incorrect, A factory unlocked iPhone brought from a country and an Official Apple Store will be under warranty anywhere in the world where there is another official Apple store. India does not have an Official Apple store, only franchisee and Reliance co branded stores hence the policy is different . Also an iPhone bought in India will not be under warranty anywhere else in the World. Such is Life!

        • amankatyal

          @Bharat Nagpal  @amankatyal thanks for the reply Bharat , so that clears the point …that in India ,they do not entertain foreign i phones .The apple stores in India seem to give an impression that they are run by Apple itself. thanks for clearing the doubt .but they do attend and replace faulty units bought from India itself .So that actually is what the customer eventually wants …an after sale service .But with my experience , I had a factory unlocked phone from usa ,bought from apple store usa , no apple store attended my concern here in delhi …kamla nagar/cp/select city . lucky i had someone visiting usa , and there the phone was replaced in 10mins. 
          now desperately waiting for i phone 5 release . i was getting a canada bill phone @43000 but i rejected the offer ….only because i am banking on your blog . Till now , no other site has confirmed a 26th oct release… hope your info is correct !!!1

  • Ujjwal Lamington

    Rajat Eshan Lamington

  • Dinesh Nadar

    Yes please update this story … First said that it will be released on October 26th and then few sites said that apple has no intention to release the iPhone 5 in India anytime soon and then next you guys saying that it’s released in Delhi with a secret meeting … Now please update like if it’s true or not cause only you guys are talking about this article and no one else …. So please reply.

  • amankatyal

    please update this story … what happened next !!!! is it a confirmed news or not .26th october release .. apple is not commenting and every site on internet says it’s a rumor still??????????

  • indernagar627

    good evening , sir but ibtimes saying that apple official told them that they have no plan of launching iphone 5 in india for now. Are you sure sir that it is coming in india ??? Im really waiting for it and big fan of yours bharat nagpal…. thank you…. do reply

  • sumitvsheth

    waste of money 4 sure …for tech. which will be obselete next year….htc 1x and sgs3 are far superior….anyway newton saw apple falling…htc 1x+ is due to arrive next month….1.7ghz qud. core nvedia tegra 3….

  • Carlsen Kipyego

    Who cares!!

  • ganeshsha1986

    Wow Wow Wow… If Its true i will get one sure at the launch date