LG Nexus 4 Might Launch as soon as 21st Nov

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LG Nexus 4 Might Launch as soon as 21st Nov

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LG Nexus 4

LG might be prepping the launch of its Google phone the Nexus 4 as soon as the 21st of November. The reports of the launch come soon after the Head for Mobile product planning at LG India confirmed its availability.

The Nexus 4 is going to be launched soon to keep up with recent trend of smartphones selling out and making an impact in the retail market. The Nexus 4 is the first ever Nexus device to be built by LG and has been sold out in the US on the day of launch. The Nexus 4 sports a unibody back cover and scratch-resistant glass. At 4.9 ounces (139g) and 0.36 inches (9.1mm), it’s slightly lighter and thicker than the Optimus G (5.2 ounces and 0.33 inches, respectively).  The NExus 4 also has 2GB RAM and a brilliant 4.7-inch True HD IPS PLUS with 1,280 x 768 resolution.

If LG has to redeem itself in the Indian market it really needs to bring the Nexus 4 and bring it fast, in enough quantities, and at a Global price around the US $ 299 price that Google has pegged it at. The Indian market is currently fragmented with a array of devices that offer customizations and what not, but a pure Android experience is truly missing. With the Galaxy Nexus never showing up in India, the need for a Nexus Phone remains, and if LG does fill that void, they might regain the respect that they have lost over the years.


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  • HiteshKhatwani


  • maheshwr10

    dude its 23rd 4 launch is delayed..atleast now remove the article from your front page..

  • RhutVirani

    nothing was relieing on this news and hoping ill buy it today it self
    oh my god when itll come to india

  • guru_root


  • sandeep_008

    If LG launch Nexus 4 at right price in Indian Market really It will helpful for LG to penetrate in Mobile segment

  • RakeshNarang

    Waiting for LG to break the news Officially.

  • RhutVirani

    @Bharat Hey any news on pricing yet?

  • Saptarshii

    Hi .
    Online retailer Saholic has listed the Nexus 4 with a notify option once it gets available and possible date is given as 30.11.2012 as per them but pricing has not been mentioned as of now  , I guess Bharat rightly pointed out before about the possible India launch date, cheers !

  • solomonsunder

    The ugly part of LG devices i.e poor battery life still remains as per AnandTech. If the phone is priced above Rs 23000 I won’t be able to buy it. Even that is more than my monthly pay :-( Probably will have to go for a Galaxy Nexus from grey market or the Galaxy S2/Lumia 820. Anyways a pure Android experience is always welcome.

    • Gul 15

      @solomonsunder lg has done a massive improvements… the battery they are offering is 2100 mAH which more than SGS 3 n One X. so no worries.And dnt expect the pricing to be less than Rs 25 K for 8 GB . LG will also read the market and see the One X n other are higher than 30 K so they will also like to raise their profit bars…..

      • solomonsunder

        @Gul 15  Will wait till November end as mentioned in blogs. If it is not released by then or if the price seems too much I will go and get a Galaxy Nexus/S2. I was of the view that LG was trying to capture market share with this model and hence would price it low. The only fear is whether the Galaxy Nexus will be side-lined for future updates. Though the 5MP camera and lack of FM Radio (also in Nexus 4) does make me think again it will not be much of an issue for me. I intend to do very little gaming but lots of reading e-books, hearing music, watching videos, Skype video calling. A dual core smartphone with 1 GB RAM should probably be able to handle this without stumbling I suppose. I wanted pure Android experience and hence thought about Nexus 4. If other manufacturers had stopped putting their own customization probably we would not have to fight this much. I have found only Micromax to provide same Android experience but their RAM (512 MB) is too low. I was going to buy the Galaxy Nexus last month but put it on hold because some Amit Gujral from LG had mentioned India getting the phone. I am still hoping that LG releases it within my price reach :-) Else I will have to go through the grey market route.

        • Gul 15

          @solomonsunder I am also looking for the new ph. at the same rates, I will suggest dnt go to the grey market. U can try HTC sensation XE / One S at the same rate and giving wat u want, Try HTC’s UI and u will never change from HTC to any other phone like me; until u have something like NEXUS 4 at 24 K around.U can wait for a little and see LG 4X HD  will drop to 25 K  or for HTC one VX which is about to come with the great specification to challenge Samsung Primer. And with the start of DEC u will see a lot of Price change in all the Flagship mobile one X, SGS 3….. 
          I can suggest one more which i suggested my friend also and he is happy.  U can buy Samsung galaxy tab 2  RS 18 K for all u require E book, Skype… and have some 4k ph. for the other calling and all……we have a lot of chose, in this money bracket……  :-)

  • Saptarshii

    I have not seen GS3 under sub 30 bracket with India bill as of now hence Nexus 4 16 GB if priced at sub 30 then as I said before LG is for win , cheers !

  • Rocky Mirza

    I still love the ogirinal galaxy S2.i hope samsung will reduce the price soon.

  • Rocky Mirza

    It priced around 350$ in us&aus.

  • Saptarshii

    If they could offer the 16 GB version for a sub 30 bracket then LG is for win , cheers !

    • firefox911

      @Saptarshii Galaxy S3 has come down to 29k .. only if it’s below 25 k then it will sell good.. or else non nexus lovers will definitely go for S3..

      • Gul 15

        SGS3 for 29K u kidding me ……. where is tht aviable in India?

  • Saptarshii

    if they can offer it under sub 30 bracket  for the 16 GB version then it LG is for win , cheers !

  • Tetea

    Considering that they sold the 16GB Nexus 7 for around $370 here in India ($170 more than the asking price in the States)  I think they’ll likely put it in the $450-$500 range, effectively making it a premium phone. The best option will be to ask a friend/family member to get it for you Stateside.