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The Latest in the Halo series to come out of Microsoft Game Studios , is the Halo Reach. It is possibly the most anticipated game of 2010 for the Microsoft Xbox 360. Released on September 14th 2010.

Also, we have a first here at iGyaan, a quick video review of the game for our dear readers.

So check it out:

The Halo: Reach is a first person shooter. Players assume the role of Noble 6, a supersoldier engaged in combat with an alien collective known as the Covenant.

As you start playing the game you notice a certain difference to the HUD, and the overall graphics engine seems much cleaner and precise. Also, a lot of gamplay features are missing or different, like Dual-arm Wielding is not allowed (like the ODST) and the usable power-ups are now rechargeable and exchangeable. Among the power-ups are a hologram, where the player spawns a “dummy” twin, jet pack, active camouflage, sprint, and “armor lock”, which makes the player invincible in exchange for the loss of mobility. In addition to tweaks and changes to existing weapons from the Halo series, Reach features new weapons.

Reach takes place during the year 2552, shortly before the events of the 2001 video game Halo: Combat Evolved. The game follows the actions of Noble Team, a UNSC special operations unit composed of elite supersoldiers known as Spartans. You assume the role of an unnamed new addition to the team, identified by the call sign Noble 6.  The game begins with you joining Noble Team as a replacement for a fallen comrade. Colonel Holland, the team’s commander, sends the Spartans to discover why a relay station on Reach went offline, suspecting damage done by insurgents. Instead, the Noble Team discovers the Covenant. Thats where the Fighting begins.

An Intense battle filled with different weapons and vehicles keeps you involved for an easy 12-15 hours of gameplay, with stunning visual effects and a captivating storyline. Make sure you have cancelled all your plans before you begin the gameplay, once in the storyline, the players seem to be involved beyond their abilities.

This is the last in a decade of games from the “BUNGIE” studios and it just couldn’t have been better.

iG Score : 9.5 / 10


i have money to buy an xbox. but i have heard a rumor that xbox is launching xbox 720! but for this game i can spend a out a 100k!!!