Woman Orders One iPad From Best Buy, Gets Five! Told To Keep The Rest!

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Woman Orders One iPad From Best Buy, Gets Five! Told To Keep The Rest!

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A Best Buy customer was pleasantly surprised after she opened a package from the store. The woman ordered one iPad from Best Buy but instead of getting one iPad tablet she got five of them. She wondered what to do and after a while she called the Best Buy hotline to report the mistake to the company.

A store rep from Best Buy’s 1-800 number acknowledged their mistake. Again, to the woman’s surprised she was told to keep the extra iPads. 

[quote]”We, here at Best Buy, acknowledge that we obviously made a mistake, but in the spirit of the holidays, we encourage you to keep the additional iPads and give them to people in need – friends, family, a local school or charity,” Best Buy responded.[/quote]

Another customer reported a similar situation that happened to him. He ordered an iPad and received a package with five iPad tablets from Best Buy

[quote]”I called Best Buy’s 1-800 number and the rep told me there was nothing he could really do because the system only reported one as being sent to me,” the customer wrote to the Consumerist. “He told me I could try and drop them off at the Best Buy store, but I had reservations about how traceable this return would be.”[/quote]

That customer said he was keeping the iPads in his closet “until Best Buy comes knocking at my door or a reasonable amount of time goes by.”

Looks like Christmas came early for these customers. Next time I want to buy an iPad, I’ll keep Best Buy in mind!

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  • amolebirje1982

    India me ek products ke saath five problems free aati hai!!!
    In India, we get a product alongwith five problems!!!

  • Sandeep Kumar


  • Ryance D’souza

    Why God? :-(

  • Ryance D’souza


  • suved12

    but how can 5 ipads fit in one box ???????

  • Dakshim Chhabra

    this is called “Luck by chance”

  • Talha Jafferi

    Once i also ordered 4gb pendrive from futurebazaar with cash on delivery and that delivery boy didn’t even asked me for money

  • SumanthKs

    xtra iPad fo me plz……!! :P

  • OmkarGargRox

    it is fake news,best buy wanted to promote themselve and want customer to shop from the,it is an adveritsing stunt

  • AshokMahiwal

    /i ordered for none and received nothing from bestbuy :)

  • suved12


  • Amit Singh

    India me aise koi vayvastha hai kya?

  • Sanchit Sharma

    hahaha :D

  • ashwin89

    Why dont we guys get that lucky here in India….:P

    • rishigohil10

      @ashwin89 Because we are so many! and everyone wants to get lucky :P

      • rishigohil10

        @ashwin89 Even the vendors :P they want to get lucky by taking money and not delivering the product :P

  • MayankKumar

    Wow !

  • Billal Khaan

    ^and in Pakistan too?

  • Siddharth Chakravarty

    Y all these happy shits doesnt happen in india ??