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Hands on : Samsung Galaxy Grand

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Samsung Galaxy Grand review  0

Samsung saw the “Indian” version of the PHABLET and decided that it needed to penetrate the market which was dominated by lower class devices. The new Samsung Galaxy Grand aims to do that, with slight bit of problem the initial market price of Rs 21,500.

At first the Galaxy Grand looks like a fuse between the S3 and the Note 2, however it has features of neither  (except the looks). The Samsung Galaxy Grand is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, it has 1 Gb of RAM and 8GB internal storage which honestly is the only current redeeming feature. The Grand also belongs to the DUOS series since it a dual sim phone.

The front of the device has a 5 inch 480×800 px display which surprisingly is very clear and vivid with good outdoor visibility. The phone also has multi window which we demonstrated in our hands on video (coming up.)

Samsung Galaxy Grand review  4

8 MP Camera


On the back, the Samsung Galaxy Grand features an 8 megapixel primary camera with LED flash, which if Samsung is to be believed has “enhanced optics”. At first it just seems like a bunch of gimmicks, only a final review will tell. The camera however  zero shutter-lag and a backside illumination sensor. 

The build quality of the phone is also standard Samsung style, so plastics all round, keeping manufacturing costs low for the device. Samsung Galaxy Grand comes with Jelly Bean and Touch Wiz designed for Jelly Bean. So Samsung though it fair enough to stuff the phone with features like “direct call” and “popup video” from the Galaxy S3 and Note 2. 

galaxy grand Power Button

Usual Button Layout


Samsung Galaxy Grand review  5

Flip Case

[pullquote_left]”too little too late”[/pullquote_left] Although the Galaxy Grand is a noble attempt from Samsung, is the device “too little too late” especially considering the “Indian” counterparts one up-ed Samsung just a day ago. While true usage capabilities will only come with the final review, as far as The Galaxy  Grand is concerned, it should be a decent if not “GRAND” add-on to the lineup of devices from Samsung. However considering sheer market value and brand value, a stable user experience and a good user support coverage, the device will be a great eye candy and will attract a lot of buyers, especially those who will prefer a “brand” over specs.

The final device will drop the matte bezel and will adopt a shiny glossy bezel, similar to the one on the Note 2. The added flip cover and the striking resemblance to the mammoth flagship will enable the user to pass the Galaxy grand as a Note 2 to the unknown eye. That is essentially what will make this device really popular for the Indian psyche.


Hands on Video:


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  • VinayKumarMandya

    Dear Igyaan, i need to know which company’s processor and gpu used for the grand… is it good enough…

  • Hi! Comparing to Micromax, G-five Samsung Galaxy is best.

  • KamalShevkani

    @Deepak Bhatla 
    I am not willing to buy Micromax or other in same price range.Is Samsung grand a good buy.
    @ existing Users – I have heard camera quality is not good during night, comments??
    I need your recommendations….

  • HIB

    I laugh at the people who think Samsung has priced this device high simply because Micromax has provided same specs for lower cost. Pffffttt… who cares. If one is ready to side with a company like Micromax then their choice. I have seen many Micromax users crying about issues like hardware failure, overheating of phone, pathetic after sales support, no updates(Even the ace plus getting jellybean), etc.. etc.. There is something called being a Tier 1 device. If a Honda Car is priced more than Tata there is a reason behind it and its called quality. My S2 has survived falls, crazy usage etc. and still runs like a Charm. Rest is upto the buyer to decide.. but remember. Specs is not everything..

    • gowthamsaran88

      @HIB Dear HIB, You are absolutely correct. But remember one thing at the price point of 10000, for normal indian buyers micromax a110 canvas 2 is better buy and its almost out of stock on all stores due to its demand and yes its from our indian company.Also for upgrade,micromax going to launch quadcore processor with 1gb ram mobile at the price point of around 14,000 and it has upgardable facility though. Also remember lot of a110 was rooted and custom rom for jellybean was available. Please check micromax a60(micromax first android device) and that was totally underpowered and doesnt have good clarity even doesnt have good camera. But it has learnt the mistakes and launching mobiles some what better quality compared to earlier launches.
      Also at the price point of 20 plus many mobiles were available like your s2(little extra) and note 2 like mobiles. Also remember earlier samsung stories unless untill it has android then only this brand become popular even beats nokia dominance and competiting iphone. As far as display clarity is concerned it was not having that high pixel density or super amoled display as your s2. So users have 20 k plus then they are having lot of mobiles even sony and lg also having decent mobiles in that price range. But if you have 10000 rupees micromax or karbon will be better choice.Even karbon had launched their quad core processor mobile titanium s1 at the price range of below 11000.

    • AdvMouPathak

      @HIB i agree with being a pioneer in mobile technology has come with a new innovation in this device by which its boasts of a great display irrespective of d pixels being on d lower side….hving a display better than micromax……take a demo of these two phn (to those who r complaning) and u will knw y samsung is in tier 1

    • gd_343gs

      @HIB i used micromax a 70 as if it was a dog.threw it here n there without any care, my sister even trief to hit a mouse with it but it was as if i had just bought it…there is something called brand value samsung knows that people will but their product no matter whats the prince but micromax  has to set up its market if it starts selling 40k phones who would buy it

  • samar452

    will its price go down by may ??

  • gmatharu123

    nice phn… how many touch input can it handle????
    should be atleast 4-5 for better gaming experience

  • AkashBajpai

    Canvas a116 has better hardware but samsung grand has the name of samsung and samsung give updates for there divices more its may be difficult for some people to chose one of them.

    • gowthamsaran88

      @AkashBajpai Dear Akash, There is no difficulty in selecting mobiles for our peoples. If we have 15000 we can buy micromax hd since it have better clarity and better processor. Those who think quad core might slightly underpowered, just think about the performance of a110 canvas 2.Also about os upgrades if we root we can have custom roms that can be used to upgrade to next operating systems.
      if we have 21000 to spend then there is lot of mobiles available in that price range so that might be difficult for users to  select one.

      • AkashBajpai

        @gowthamsaran88  @AkashBajpai
         yes my friend if the micromax giving these kind of features in low price so there is no doubt that we will chose canvas hd.
        But also we should not compair the brand value 
        Because micromax is now new in smartphone and may one day it become a big brand.till that day if u like more feature in low price then go to micromax but if u want best and u dont consider money then go to samsung.
        But please don’t get an iphone:-)

        • gowthamsaran88

          @AkashBajpai  @gowthamsaran88 Dear Akash, Yes, I aggree with you. we should not compare brands and presently samsung is leader in smartphone along with smart stay, direct call like feautures.
          Both are best at their price ranges.  Thats it

  • sandeep_008

    A Big Flop, Samsung think Indians are big fools.

    • gowthamsaran88

      @sandeep_008 Dont think it as a flop. This is the business technique.
      If you search in google see the same mobile is launched in korea(their home land) with quad core processor with the same price range..

  • Deepak Bhatla

    Was planning to go for Samsung Galaxy S Duos, n here comes the Grand.  confused!
    However, early reviews says, Grand has average display….  Just wanted to confirm, is the display lower than that of S DUOS?  Yeah, I know, S DUOS is 4 inches n Grand is 5…. But, which one is better; if we talk about pix-elation n all other stuff (keeping in mind the screen size difference).

    • gowthamsaran88

      @Deepak Bhatla if display resolution is compared galaxy s duos will be good. Since same resolution with smaller display will have much more clarity

  • Techamuna

    Would you know if you can choose in the settings which SIM will use 3G? Most dual sim will only allow you SIM1 3G and SIM2 2G. Is it the same for the Grand Duos?

    • gowthamsaran88

      @Techamuna whatever may be it doesnt matter. If we can switch between two sims easily then there lies the success and samsung is always excellent in that area.
      So no need worry

  • ParthGoklani

    GPU and processor  plz.

  • shobhitn

    Gorilla glass ?

    • gowthamsaran88

      @shobhitn no it doesnt have gorilla display

  • Deepak Bhatla

    Further, waiting for a comparison between Micromax A116 Canvas HD & Samsung Galaxy Grand.  Know it is too early, but a brief comparison would be nice….

  • Deepak Bhatla

    Will this also be a Smart Dual Active set like Galaxy S Duos?

    • Deepak Bhatla

      Ok! It’s a Dual Active set!  N that’s nice….

      • gowthamsaran88

        @Deepak Bhatla until hands on review by our bharat or reply from user only we can know whether both sims were active or dual stand by.

    • shankarsidharth

      @Deepak Bhatla I don’t think so. At the launch during question session it was clearly told it has 1 radio. So it can’t be Smart Dual Active. It might be called as a Smart Dual Standby.

      • Deepak Bhatla

        @shankarsidharth  I meant Smart Dual Active like Samsung Galaxy S Duos

  • Mandeep Singh

    What is its gpu.?

  • shankarsidharth

    Is this DUAL SIM Active? Would I be able to use Data on 1 SIM and would be available on the other SIM? It has a single radio so I am guessing I won’t be able to do that :(

  • We have to wait and see the comparison between Galaxy Grand and Canvas HD

  • raj9202005

    should have been priced around 15k-17k nd also very less ppi 185 for a 5inch phone nd dual core….where as cannvas hd has 295ppi nd quadcore nd it is under 15k.

    • gowthamsaran88

      @raj9202005 yes you are correct.
      But peoples who like brand value more than performance and specification will buy this mobile since now a days holding samsung is like holding iphone.  ..

    • AdvMouPathak

      @raj9202005 become u do that calculation ,make a effort to see the demo of these sets face to face….samsung being a pioneer in mobile technology have come up with something new, by which they hv managed to keep a favoulous display irrespective of low pixels… inspite of d lower pixels their display is way better than micromax…….innovation is d motto of samsung……unless u bring d duos phn very close u cant evn notice d discrepancy ….and with a display of 5 inches u wont need to bring it close to ur eyes unless u hv sight issues …….at d readly distance this phn has almost d same display like note 2 …….

  • AbhishekRajRana

    i am damn sure they launched this phablet after seeing the success of micromax canvas 2 !!

    • gowthamsaran88

      @AbhishekRajRana I think not only due to micromax , other compaines like karbon,lava,xolo,celkon were giving tough competition.

  • shoaibpatel

    ur so fast dude great Job !!