Nokia Joins Apple In Bid For Samsung Ban

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Nokia Joins Apple In Bid For Samsung Ban

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In a surprising twist, Windows Phone device manufacturer Nokia has filed a brief with US courts in support of Apple’s ongoing legal battle against Samsung.

Acting as an amicus curiae (friend of the court, a party who offers information to a case they are not directly involved with), Nokia has filed a brief on behalf of Apple to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit this week.

In the brief, Nokia asked the court to permit permanent injunctions on the sale of Samsung phones that were found to infringe Apple’s patents.

As part of its ongoing legal battle with Samsung, Apple has repeatedly requested the courts to impose an injunction on the sale of Samsung products that have infringed on the iPhone maker’s patents.

As noted by Reuters, the brief itself is currently sealed, but an accompanying motion supplies an overview of Nokia’s argument. The company questions Judge Koh’s December ruling requiring a patent holder to first establish a “causal nexus” between a patented feature and customer demand before securing a permanent injunction against offending products. If such a precedent were set, Nokia asserts, the ability of patent holders to obtain sales bans would be crippled.

[quote]The “causal nexus” requirement as applied by the district court here, making the evidentiary standard for obtaining a permanent injunction so burdensome and strict that it may rarely, if ever, be met, will essentially lead to a compulsory-licensing system wherein patent holders are forced to license patented technology to competing firms, which could in turn harm incentives to innovate.[/quote]

In her ruling late last year, Judge Lucy Koh said that sales bans on Samsung products will not be given, and they can only be removed from sale if the feature deemed to infringe on a patent is one that is solely responsible for consumer demand for the product.

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  • Shirsendu Pandit

    none can beat samsung..m using tipo..but my next handset will be either samsung galaxy young or galaxy.fame

  • Chandan Kumar Mahato

    Nokia has gone mad it seems

  • Shreyansh Baid

    just do it

  • Prashanth Reddy

    Samsung will never get banned

  • Shivanshu Bansal

    i hate apple….

  • Abhishek Das

    f**k u nokia, grow up. do something of your own. atleast make an android phone like samsung and then talk…….. window se gir k maaro nokia walo.

  • Maram Rohan

    come on now both of u bang samsung off

  • Debashish Pramanik

    I think Mr.Mohit Mahi either dont know much abt gadgets or has never used any Samsung product. Dont get me wrong. The truth is Except Apple, i have personally used & experienced several brands incl.Nokia, hTC, Samsung, Motorola, SE etc. Well, i think in Smartphone segment, After hTC, Samsung is the best in the world. The reason “Nokia” is supporting the cause and favouring “Apple” coz, there is saying…not only in Hindi, but each and every language spoken around the globe. “My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend”

  • Nalin Kumar

    Nokia has a great opportunity to adopt android

  • Amit Singh

    dono mill kar, apna ek rival saaf karna chati hai

  • Chow Iken Lozom

    Both company are jealous of samsung

  • Aniruddha Sikdar

    samsung always rocks ..gate out nokia

  • jit21

    Samsung is the best smart phone manufacturer in the world apple and nokia together trying to stop samsung in the race.

  • jit21

    Samsung is the best smart phone manufacturer in the world apple and nokia together are conspiring against samsung to save their asses.

  • jit21

    Samsung is the best smart phone manufacturer in the world apple and nokia together are conspiring against samsung to save tgeir asses.

  • Shobith

    Nokia too is scared of the market leader-Samsung!

    • SachBro

      @Shobith Are you for real? Dude Samsung might be the most successful brand in the world right now but their is no denying that they steal ideas and if you still don’t believe it, you’re a blind fanboy. In fact, Samsung doesn’t have a lot when it comes to innovation. I have never been an Apple admirer but you can’t deny what Samsung has done in the past 2 yrs. by constantly stealing ideas, UI elements from every manufacturer. Their creative design team is so pathetic that every phone; be it a Samsung Y or Galaxy Note; they all look the same cheap plastic toys barring the unusual increase in their size.

      • Shobith

        @SachBro Hmm. You blindly hate Samsung and it seems that you have never used one! As Samsung is very successful, other companies are trying to take it out and there is no denying that! Nokia lost the top position to Samsung last year and they are trying to get it back. That’s all.And have you seen the iOS notification center. Apple calls that their innovation too!

        • SachBro

          @Shobith Did I ever say I hate Samsung? Did I ever say Apple has brought tons of innovation? Do you even know which company holds the maximum no. of Patents in Market? Do you even know which company has the biggest R&D budget? It’s Nokia, go google it. They are not the most successful in the world though. Right now, it’s Samsung, but then again, you don’t have to be the most creative to be the most successful in the world. You got me all wrong from get go, Samsung is good at putting every feature in a cheap plastic shell, that’s all what they do. In recent times, S-Pen has been one feature from Samsung that has really impressed me, but there is no denying that they steal ideas, especially in UI elements. I gave you a good explanation and all you can do is come up with spicy one liners and you think you’re making sense. You are delusional dude. You really are. By the way, the best innovation is recent times has been purview tech, supersensitive touch; both from Nokia and when it comes to innovation HTC is better than Samsung.

        • Shobith

          @SachBro Anyway as my first comment says, Nokia is scared of Samsung’s growth and no one can deny that!And Samsung’s “cheap plastic” is actually Polycarbonate which doesn’t break easily like glass used in the Nexus 4 and Xperia Z and it makes the device light. And the same polycarbonate is used in the Nokia’s Lumia 920.Polycarbonate also is practical for removable battery covers and I have a phone with a removable metal back cover which gets loose and makes the phone heavy!

        • RohitKumar1

          @Shobith @SachBro haha you all are talking about Samsung innovations but the fact is Samsung is copy cat even they can’t introducea single new feature in his phone in the market right now.all they have to wait for othrs innovation and copying it and launch a new phone with it….. NoKia launched their wn navigation services long time ago and recently last year at ces they create a benchmark for camera in smartphones with 808 pureview and you said that plastics and polycarbonate are similar ….dude I think you are bad in chemistry….

  • Mohit Mahi

    n company bhi…

  • Mohit Mahi

    gud. Job. I thnk we sud ban the whole samsung”s product line…m

  • Pappu Hatela

    desperate.. lol

  • Akshay Kumar


  • Deepak Narula

    yes yes yes …