Welcome to the New iGyaan 2013

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Welcome to the New iGyaan 2013

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[title title=”Editorial: iGyaan and You” icon=”icon-edit”]

Few years back when I started iGyaan, it was supposed to be a simple and efficient way for me to give advice to my friends and family who wanted the right information and tips on technology. Today, iGyaan is ranked as India’s leading technology destination and I have only you to thank. With the first few inspirational emails and positive comments, I was constantly fighting the battle to do better and better with something which was a mere hobby for me at that time.

[pullquote_left] As long as you remember us [/pullquote_left]I remember an anonymous reader stating on the blogspot blog, iGyaan should be a website it will do well. Low and behold months later was formed. There are many reasons I chose this name, and many have tried to justify it, “India-Gyaan”, “IT- Gyaan”, “I (me) – Gyaan”, It honestly does not matter to me, As long as you remember us.

I have strived to hold standards on iGyaan, ensuring that I can deliver the best of quality and the right amounts of it. In the years, however, there have been many things which have been not accepted by you, what can I say, we learnt and we moved on. 

The best thing about iGyaan is the team that holds it together, from Devs, to designers, to writers, editors, video editors among others who helped us reach this milestone. 

[pullquote_right]Makes us do what we do better[/pullquote_right]The new iGyaan, has been created with careful tinkering and to deliver a fast and efficient reading experience for all those on the other side. The new design also makes it easy for us to deliver the information to you people, so it turns out to be a win-win. We hope you appreciate all the hard work and no-sleep nights that go into delivering a better end-user experience, and continue to give us all the love and appreciation for it. It is truly what makes us do what we do better.

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About The Author
Bharat Nagpal

Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+

  • OmprakashSahu

    good work …really

  • KhaledKazi

    Hi Bharat, Congratulation, for ‘New iGyaan 2013’.
    the new interface of igyaan is just awesome, but only 2 things are not present on new interface that is,
    1. No link for Homepage (as we cant directly jump or revert back to the homepage).
    2. Feedback (where is feedback form for new igyaan site).

  • UditChugh


  • KarthikShandilya

    Congrats on the success of the igyaan.

  • HakimuddinBw

    Since 3 yrs back i returned back to India from UAE, Me and my family depends on ur indeth news, reviews and advices.
    Keep ROCKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    ITS NOT iGyaan Its Our Gyaan The iGyaan.

  • KaustubhaDevi

    good new looks

  • AquibAjani

    Love the new style..!! Nice job BHARAT!! :)

  • BaluBandi


  • Anuj Nair

    Awesome change….its very much user friendly…Good Luck Sir :D

  • BolindroBordoloi

    I really like the new iGyaan format :)

  • AbhishekSharma1

    The change is same as android changed from gingerbread to ICS……new look of the website is awesome. Surfing is now more easier,visually more comfortable and pleasing…..And ofcourse the main part “CONTENT” is still upto the mark:)

  • vinaywadhwa

    Typo – “The best thing about iGyaan is the team that holds it together, from Devs, to designers, to writers, editors, editors among others who “heled” us reach this “

  • manikkumar20

    Hats off..i love igyaan …:)

  • PrashanthKumar

    I ve always loved the reviews of igyaan especially the gaming reviews. I have selected and bought all my phones only after checking out igyaan review and i must say that u guys are amazing and fast in bringing out the reviews. I love the new website design and i wish u guys success in the forthcoming years too.

  • NipunGoel

    cant wait for iG tv next episode………..

  • NipunGoel

    awsm redesigning…………the BREAKING NEWS is a nice touch

  • gd_343gs

    awesome design

  • AdityaRusselPinto1

    Need to work on the left side bar

  • joelgeo

    i too worked a lot trying to make u guys famous … told nearly all my friends and people i know about this amazing website ..hav been following ur updates for the past two years and u guys are doin an amazing work hats off to u guys..

  • GaneshKumarKrish

    I am Inspired by you…

  • GaneshKumarKrish

    Cool man..  Keep doing It…Congrts

  • gautamkhadse

    Well done Bharat . The new design is FAB . Even without the new design , we were always your FANS !