Mozilla, Epic Games Team Up To Bring Unreal Engine 3 To The Web

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Mozilla, Epic Games Team Up To Bring Unreal Engine 3 To The Web

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For the longest time, HTML5 was far behind Flash in terms of game development as it didn’t offer a native experience. Mozilla and others have been bridging that gap over the last year, however, and the non-profit’s latest move inspires more hope that HTML5 can deliver native gaming experiences sooner rather than later.

Mozilla and Epic Games announced at GDC that Unreal Engine 3 is now available to HTML5 developers. This was made possible through Mozilla’s work in developing “a highly-optimized version of JavaScript” that allows game developers to bring graphically intensive content to the Web.

Epic had already ported the engine to Flash and there have been a few other attempts at building or porting a 3D game engine to JavaScript, but nothing approaching the size and scope of Unreal Engine.

Epic’s port is based on a very new piece of technology, asm.js and the OdinMonkey JavaScript engine module for Firefox. In essence, asm.js enables code that’s been automatically ported to JavaScript from C/C++ to run almost as fast as the same code compiled as a native app. OdinMonkey adds support for asm.js, which is a subset of the JavaScript spec, to Firefox.

With Firefox OS and the Firefox Marketplace launching later this year, this is a significant win for Mozilla. No, the porting of Unreal Engine 3 doesn’t mean that Mass Effect 3 is going to find its way onto sub-Rs 6000/- Firefox phones, but it does mean that mobile hits like Infinity Blade and Dungeon Defenders will. It should also mean that we’ll see more developers offering up browser-friendly versions of their mobile hits — particularly if the porting process is relatively painless and offers an additional revenue stream.

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