Autogyaan: The XKR-S GT Is The Jaguar We Never Expected

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Autogyaan: The XKR-S GT Is The Jaguar We Never Expected

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If its tough to shave off those last few seconds per lap in your Jaguar XKR-S, the Tata owned British manufacturer has unveiled the XKR-S GT at the New York Auto Show just for you. Specifically tuned for the racing circuit, the GT managed a time of 7:40 at the hallowed Nurburgring race track, which is faster than the Murcielago SV, the SLS AMG as well as the Zonda S. It goes from 0 to 100 kmph in less time than you can say Jaaaaaaaaaag; well in 3.9 seconds actually. Safe to say, the XKR-S GT is blisteringly fast. It’s also very rare. Only 30 will be made and sold purely in North America with the US getting 25 of these beasts. Oh, and it costs a measly $175,000.


This car can produce some serious downforce, 145 kgs of it in fact, helped to no end with that massive carbon fiber wing at the back and all those aero bits added all over the body. It sports a sharp, equally large carbon fiber air splitter at the front, and diffuser at the back sits pretty right in between the quad-exhaust pipes. With bright yellow carbon ceramic brakes, Pirelli Corsa tyres and a high performance Eibach tuned suspension, the GT means business. It has a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 engine producing almost 550 BHP and even if the all the aero bits make it look like its come out of a Need for Speed game, this car definitely belongs on the track.


Jaguar has one of the richest racing heritages of all time, and in recent years has been working very hard to reassert itself among its peers and offer performance as well as comfort to its loyal customers. The GT is a reminder of what Jaguar can do when it comes to fast cars. It looks mental, and goes like it too.

So if you have $200,000 saved up to spend on a street-legal car tuned for the racetrack, should you buy the Jaguar XKR-S GT? In a word, no. You should buy this instead:  


Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0

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