Autogyaan: Aston Martin Vanquish, Looks This Good Never Go Out Of Style

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Autogyaan: Aston Martin Vanquish, Looks This Good Never Go Out Of Style

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Walk up to the Aston Martin Vanquish, and at first glance you could almost certainly justify about $100,000 of the $280,000 base price. Aston Martin has been criticized quite a bit in recent years over stubborn design policies. People don’t like how all Aston Martins have looked pretty much the same for a few decades, save for a headlight here and a spoiler there. But does it really matter, when they look like this? Imagine what you sound like when you say, “I’m sorry, I’m sick of the stunning lines on every car”.

Aston Martin

The Vanquish, seen here at the New York Auto Show, is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Its curvier than the DBS, and features some very smooth flowing lines from front to back. The body is now a concoction of aluminium, magnesium and exposed carbon fiber bits for added muscle. It takes some evident design cues from the biggest brother in the Aston Martin lineup, the One-77, and I’m not complaining. It oozes elegance, has tons of character and manages to seek attention in the classiest way possible.

Aston Martin

It manages to keep up on the asphalt as well. The 5.9 litre V12 engine produces 565 BHP and has a lot of improvements – variable valve timing at intake and exhaust, improved intake manifold, larger throttle body – which have lowered peak torque deeper in to the rev range. This produces some serious pull coming out of corners leaving quite a few pulses racing. The double wishbone suspension and monotube adaptive adjustable dampers allow some compliance in normal and sport mode, but track mode may definitely cause the small issue of a slipped disc. Carbon ceramic Brembo brakes are standard, and get the job done, and well.

Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Vanquish is not as expensive as its V12 competitors, like the Lamborghini Aventador and the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Its also not nearly as powerful, with the Lambo grinding out 691 BHP and the F12 a massive 730 BHP. But then again, the Vanquish isn’t going after the same target demographic either. It comes with heated seats, a 13-speaker 1000 watt Bang & Olufsen sound system, and a very functional infotainment system with haptic feedback buttons. The interior is trimmed with Fine Luxmil and semi-aniline leather and Alcantara, all hand stitched. Its aimed at people who want a comfortable grand tourer, which they can take on road trips through Europe, and maybe to the supermarket on the weekends.

Not many people buy Aston Martins because of superb performance or exclusivity. They buy them because whenever they peep out of their bedroom windows to take a look at the weather, and they see the silhouette of their Aston Martin glowing in the setting sun’s orange light, it puts a big fat smile on their faces.

Aston Martin

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