We are Hiring ! Work at India’s most famous Technology Website

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We are Hiring ! Work at India’s most famous Technology Website

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Yep, iGyaan is hiring and we are looking for a crack whip team. We have lots of positions open and are looking for the Best of the best of the best. If you think you got what it takes check out available jobs below and Apply Here : Work at iGyaan

Positions open 

  1. Full Time News Coverage (Positions open : 4): Work at the iGyaan office where all the magic happens, and cover the latest in tech trends, play with all the exciting equipment and latest gear. People with great english, and communications skills, a flair for writing and preferably with past experience of the same. Since we will be 24×7 soon, we need a few night owls 


  2. Full Time Review Writer: (Positions Open : 2) : If you have worked with tech before, then we want you to work with us. Experience with reviews is a must, appropriate knowledge and a good sense of humor comes together. Needless to say Written and spoken english needs to be perfect for written and video reviews.


  3. Remote Coverage (Positions Open : 3) : A lot of people write to us wanting a job, well here is your chance. If you cant come into the office, then we can have you write from home. The work is still the same, News coverage and original articles. Again needless to say, proficiency in english and a flair for writing is a must.


  4. Video Editors (Position Open :1) : If you can chop and skew footage like nobody else, we are looking for you. Mention your background and softwares worked on. This is an in-office position since videos need to be edited. Need to be in Delhi and good at what you do, You can get advanced training, and will learn more and more everyday.


  5. Social Media Handler (Position Open 1) :  In Office or remote, You need to be good with handling Social accounts. Skills needed are proficiency in english, conversational ability, humility and a keen sense of marketing. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube management experience is a boon.


  6. Operations Manager  (Position Open 1) : The title speaks for itself, Office management will include HR activities and Marketing related experience. Client meetings and presentation skills are required. Good Spoken english and conversational capabilities are a boon. In Office Full Time position.


Click Here to Apply : | Work at iGyaan ! – 

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About The Author
Bharat Nagpal
Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+
  • Ron_chester

    I have already Applied but I forgot to attach a Video of my previous work…so here goes…hope it gets noticed here…:)

    Contact :

  • Aritra Sarkar

    The first time i applied, forgot to add links to my previous writing experience. However, i applied again and sent you an email stating the same. I hope you are not gonna disqualify me as i have APPLIED TWICE FOR THE SAME POST. I have enough experience in this field and i have worked with many good websites. Eagerly waiting for your REPLY..

  • shobhitrj

    You need to reply back, weather if the person is selected or not. Seriously.

  • Tanuj Prajapati

    @sam Roccko actually what is your question? please help me understand?

  • Manuj Gogoi

    i have applied twice still no response 4m ur side. Pls publish the short listed candidates soon.

  • Sam Roccko

    i suppose to be work on igyaan.. do u have some any idea about these topic..

  • Kailash Rajpurohit

    Have applied long back but haven’t received a response yet

  • Aritra Sarkar

    no one is answering our questions. you need a Social Media Handler ASAP! :)

  • Md Akbar Uddin

    I think I have applied for content writer when you asked us to apply with mobile number and e-mail :) waiting for your call..

  • Raja Sims Dutta

    those guys don’t know what they r doing!! this is IDIOTIC

  • Saurabh Khorwal

    Wen will the interviews start??

  • Lucky Dhiman
  • Tanuj Prajapati

    instead of uncle sam in the picture, u should have placed narendra modi, he is one tech savy leader :-)

    • rk_ftw

      @Tanuj Prajapati Hahahahaha… u make a good enuf joke :)

  • Vibhu Rockerzz

    gr8 ….. Your reviews r just Awesome Dude

  • Daksh Sharma

    What’s the last date for applying?

  • Abdul Khadir

    No call from u yet :(

  • KarthickBabu

    When is the hiring process gonna start?

  • mayurbagale

    You guys should start an office in Mumbai too.

    • vfirke

      mayurbagale i agree with you

  • SaurabhNahar

    bharat  i can make videos for you on latest tweaks on iPhone as well as android as i stay at mumbai so cant do almost any of the above job. Also if there is any launch at mumbai i can cover it for you or any mumbai related works i could do
    email id : 
    my review :

  • bhushan2k

    apply link is not working..

  • KasojuRaviKiran

    Apply link is not working fix it fast……:(

  • bhushan2k

    Passionate about technology and programming. A very down to earth person. Have had blogging experience in past. Active member in XDA forum and ThinkDigit forum, soon to become Recognized Developer since want to become a professional developer.
    Here are some reviews: | |
    Interested in: Full time review writer, Remote coverage
    mail me:
    Best regards,

  • SuvadeepSarkar

    Hi Nagpal
    Gadgets & technology controls my senses… I would love to write for you guys. My resume link below:
    Let me know.
    suvadeep (09830080169)

  • Should be exciting to work for igyaan! after all, this ‘phenomenon’ sprouted and shot up like a giant beanstalk on the social circle. The reviews are crisp, catchy and come very quick.
    I will be glad to do my part for igyaan as a ‘Remote Coverage’ personnel! Please find my resume at
    You can find me here:

  • BhagirathRajPurohit

    Hi, i am bhagirath, i am 2nd year student and good at english and i know much about technology, i spend 5-6 hours everyday online on cnet,igyaan,engadget, etc and i am also good at photoshop editing!

  • SumitJha

    Apply Link not working???

  • Rohil_Shah

    just applied for 2 job opportunities.. hope you find me qualified

  • vfirke

    I am Vishal and I am an XII std student and I like all your videos and reviews I do wish to work for iGyaan but I understand that I am too young and have not got enough experience to work at iGyaan but I would love to work for iGyaan. Coming to the tech, well I know most things about technology and can write or do video reviews very well but I do not have any experience.I just love iGyaan, you guys rock.

    • AbhishekJangra

      vfirke Exactly the same here…..same class…..same hobby……and finally no experience.

    • TejaPs

      vfirke same here

    • SankalpSwami

      vfirke exactly same dude 
      i love tech      but as it is   no work experience

  • PrithviSingh

    Hello igyaan.
    my name is prithvi and i am studying in 9th class. though i am young i am addicted to technology and love to use it. you can ask me anything about tech and u will get an answer which will be correct. i can write good reviews and can give good advices too. i have all knowledge about specs of phones and laptops. i know i am underage but believe me you should give me a chance. i dont want money i just want an internship certificate. i will work for as long as you like. i ensure  you that you will not be disappointed with my reviews. i really want to work for IGyaan. i live and breath for igyaan. one chance is all i demand.
    regards Prithvi 
    (A Big Fan Of IGyaan)
    email id :-

  • MurtazaKapasi

    I am a student. Just gone in 12th. Can i apply.? I don’t have any past experience but I ensure I can review new launch budget phones very well. As well as high end smartphone. So can I apply.
    please reply or email.

  • saurabhkhorwal

    After clicking onto submit link, it just goes to a blank page. Is my application submitted successfully?