Spice View – D, M67 GSM 3D phone Review

The Spice View D, is India’s first 3D handset. Announced in October 2010, this device sports an Auto Steroscopic display, with the ability to change modes.

Lets start of the review with the obvious part of the phone

3D Display

The display is quite impressive for the sub 4000 Price bracket. With the invent of 3D displays and LCD televisions, people are attracted more and more towards 3D technology. The display is a 2.4” 3D display screen with a 240×320 pixel resolution. The display also does not require 3D glasses which makes it really an amazing innovation for a portable device.


The viewing angle of the 3D mode is quite limited which is easily understandable. But, incase of difficulty in reading onboard text or visual graphics one can always switch between 2D and 3D modes with a simple long press of the * key on the keypad. The phone comes pre bundled with 3D trailers of some movie like Avatar. Which gives you a glimpse of what the phone is capable of. It also has a full 3D menu interface which is quite unique and brilliant to use, But, it does require more battery to use.

Media Capabilities

If you can’t already make out the, on the back of this device is a massive stereo loudspeaker. Which churns out good quality audio with more emphasis on mid and treble, and almost low or no bass. This makes if a perfect loudspeaker for watching movies, The 2D display mode is nice and bright and quite colorful to our surprise. Which made watching movies and videos a lot more fun than we had expected.

Good audio payer, good video player, and inbuilt FM radio make this a good media friendly phone. It also plays mp3 files and has a 16gb capable memory slot.

Call quality

At the end all mobile phone devices have one real purpose. To make calls and send messages. The device sports a dual active sim capability. two GSM sim cards active at the same time.

The call quality on the Spice M67 was impressive with little or no calls dropped over the 2 hour test call, and almost no voice breakages. It also handles the second sim wonderfully, putting the first on standby and resuming it later. The Speaker and the microphone both had the ability to perform and delivered as expected. Excellent call quality.

Apart from that it also has a browser which sports Gprs and WAP capabilities, loads wap enabled sites without any problem.


On board Apps include

  • Video Player
  • Video Recorder
  • Java Games
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Java Downloads center
  • Calculator
  • FM Radio
  • Audio player
  • Audio Recorder
  • Spice Market
  • File Manager

Build Quality.

The device is plastic, why because the outer shell is plastic, plastic and more plastic. The back of the device is glossy black, which makes it a heaven for fingerprints. That being said, the build quality of the device is not shabby it all, you would expect some creaks from a sub 5000 Rupees device. BUT, the Spice M67 did not squeak or rattle at all. The build quality is good and no loose hardware or panels could be noticed during the review.



The Device is a priced below 4500 INR. which makes it an extremely affordable and capable device. The fact that it is the only 3D phone sets it out. Also, the ability of the phone to handle media, phone calls and both sim cards, puts it in serious consideration as a good phone.

WE RATE IT : 3.9/5.0


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